Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Day In The Life of Steve Flack

2121 (local time)
Crikey, its been a long time between drinks, I haven’t done a post in a while, my reasoning being that ive been way way way to busy having some of the best 4 weeks of my life to get around to write a blog! So after numerous emails and people nagging me about writing one... here it is... I shall call it:
A Day in The Life of Steve Flack!
Well, on a normal day. I would wake up at 7.45am and have a quick 15 minute session on the computer before John Palmer wanders into my room to give me a lift down to the centre on his motor bike, or if it was windy I would wake up at 6.45am and quickly brush my teeth and boost on down to the centre for a early morning windsurf. Either way, we would be down at the Ganet Sinai for a buffet breakfast at 8.00am. In the early days, my breakfast would entail either a undercooked omelette or 2 fried eggs on each of these I would wipe off the excess grease to prevent it clogging up my clean and crisp arteries. But as of late, I have been indulging in some of the finest Marmite and Peanut Butter known to man. Palmer and myself love the stuff, especially Peanut Butter, so literally 5 pieces of toast EACH in the morning followed by some below average fruit salad, and 2 glasses of cordial orange juice, and to end this delectable (what a word) meal we would wash it down by a cup of tea... Although I wouldn’t call it tea...
We would then make our way to work at 9.00am. Our work day includes teaching 1 lesson a day for 2 hours, and then either free sailing or doing safety stuff. When there is no wind we entertain ourselves by making movies, swimming, rock running or chatting with guests, pretty easy life. All the guests that come out are fantastic.
The day finishes at 6pm.
Depending on what day it is, we have certain activities planned for the guests in the afternoon. For example, every Monday we have welcome drinks with the guests but generally this only goes for an hour and it is normally pretty relaxing and straight after we go to dinner.
Tuesday nights are normally a great laugh, It is Masbat night, where 2 instructors and how many guests we can rally up all head into town which is about 10 minutes away and we have an Egyptian style meal, with Egyptian Rum and Egyptian Beer... Normally the night ends up pretty boozy which means a pretty sore head for the next day. Wednesday night nothing really happens, although lately we have been having a windsurfing movie night down at the centre, which is normally quite good.
Thursday is a non-teaching day and my day off, so if there is wind, John Palmer, Marco and Myself spend the whole day windsurfing or filming each other, or if there is no wind, we just take it really really easy.
Friday is Camel night or Bedouin Night, where 1 instructor takes a bunch of people up into the mountains via camels have a look at a lovely sunset then take the camels further on into the desert where we enjoy a lovely cooked meal by the local Egyptians, normally a couple bottles of rum are brought up and generally the night turns out quite well, normally you get back at around 9ish.
Then it is the almighty Saturday night!! Saturday night are always a good laugh, all of the instructors get pre-lashed up in the late afternoon and then head back to the club at 8.30 and go full power. Each week there is a theme, for example this week it is Olympics with an Egyptian Twist, the week before it was Braveheart with an Egyptian Twist, so you can see the jist. Generally the guests buy you drinks and you lose track of how many you have, until you realise its 4.00 in the morning and you have to wake up at 8am the next morning for work!!
Then its Sunday... Almighty Sunday aka Recovery Day! Sundays involve Palmer and myself hiding in the office with the air conditioner on full blast escaping the heat and the guests... Not all that enjoyable but fun when you look back on the night and see all the photos!
Then the week starts all over again
The past month I’ve had some of the best times of my life, I’m having a ball!
The next update will be up soon! Enjoy the photos!
Lots of love!

Full Power 4.7 Weather! Look at the colour of the water!

I was knackered!

The colour of the sky was amazing!

One of the Egyptian Lads, Salo! 

Probably the best instructor ever!

Another good instructor shot!

One of the cute russian girls!

Just after filming for our Braboys spoof!

Our Masbat Sign!!