Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We Are Tree Bar?

28/10/11 – finished on 29/11/11

1924 (local time)

Dahab, Egypt

Crikey, its been a while! Last time I wrote on this thing it was after my trip in Israel. What has been happening in the day and life of Steve! Well things have been going really well! Its not all that busy in Dahab (still) at the moment we have 0 guests at the centre but I am keeping myself busy! Fortunately its been windy lately so I have spent a majority of time out on the water.

The night times have been great also, most nights I’m out if I’m either singing or playing bass in the local band with the divers! Or DJ’ing or being a ‘Record Player, Player’, it doesn’t earn all that much money but it allows the only child characteristics in me to get out! Everyone must now listen to what music I play! Either way though it’s still really good fun, in fact when I started this blog it was a Halloween Party which I may add, was awesome, pictures soon… anyway so now it’s the 29th of November… yeah I’ve been lazy.

So Dahab has been going through some unsettled times… over the past month, there has been numerous fights, I personally have learnt that being set on fire by a bunch of rogue Bedouin Kids isn’t the great start of a night. Chris has learnt that it sucks to be hit by a beer bottle, and the both of us have come to the conclusion that sometimes “it’s just not worth it”.

Now I’m not saying that Dahab is a dangerous place, but working behind a bar you soon realise who the shady characters are, and you learn that you need to deal with them appropriately. What I find quite amusing is the fact of how corrupt a place can be. We have the police in our back pocket to ensure that none of the staff get put in jail because we are ‘tourists’. Another example is, Lizzie (who I live with) had her motorbike stolen (which she won because of a fancy dress competition at Tree Bar). Anyway, she couldn’t make a police statement because apparently there is a black market for Motobikes where they steal them, and then sell them to a motorbike shop where you need to pay 500le ($100AUD) to get it back. But if you make a police statement, then the ‘black market’ will strip the bike of all its parts and sell them off… so ultimately it’s a lose, lose situation. And for Lizzie, she has had a really tough time here, she got here windsurf board stolen a few months ago, and now her bike!

In other news, 20,000 (euro’s) was stolen from one of the windsurf centres, and 3 cameras were stolen from a dive centre… Dahab is potentially falling apart, and it feels as if there is a battle royal brewing between the Bedouins, Egyptians & Tourists.

Okay, so I’m not painting a pretty picture for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not having fun, in fact quite the opposite, at the moment I’m having the time of my life. Windsurfing has taken a hold because of the lack of wind (and I thought it was a good idea to parallel park my board on the reef), but I have been going to the gym (a lot) and feel the fittest I’ve been in a while. I’m cooking a lot and having some great parties and meeting some fantastic people!

The only problem is, is that it is getting bloody cold. I honestly think it doesn’t even get this cold in Melbourne! So I’ve only got 1 pair of Jeans (that I’m wearing everyday), but it’s ok because they are levis. But rocking 1 pair of jeans and 2 hoodies is still not enough to keep you warm… But I battle through.
Anyway, I think that brings this blog post to an end. Ill be adding some photos up asap! But until then!

Stay classy! And chat soon!

Xx Steve

Lizzie and me dancing on the fridge... Lizzie is a BAT!

Sending a flaka!

Doing the star trek!

look mum, no hands...


Me and Marco throwing shapes!

Oh yeah.... i got my hair cut? Views!

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Small Anecdote!

A Small Anecdote written about Steve Flack, by Chris McCormick...

He's a record player player; an errant child; a deep thinking mild philanthropist; the disco balls shine bright through his eyes;

The jukebox is his friend; the dancefloor his mistress; he holds an RYA advanced plus instructor training certificate in shoe lace maintenance;

His heart rate never dips below 156; his ancestors spoke only in portuguese brail; some will never see him; even the deaf can hear him;

The bus can' swim the bus can' cross him; he chases sunrise with a butterfly net; he eats blue cheese using a spoon with no handle; snakes envy his rattle; he can count to 36 using only his thumbs;

A prodigy of criminal noise; you hear him coming through the spee-ee-kahs; he is playing tree bar tonight ... but he has not yet gone to uni. 

Tree Bar Presents.... STEVE FLACK