Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Story About Gingers...

 In Honor of the Great Red Haired Man...


1620 (local time)

Dahab, Egypt

So I sit here, in the living room of the apartment! Lizzie and Luke went shopping for a Christmas tree, so we have a small but sufficient Christmas tree with decorations and all, it doesn’t really feel like Chrismas coming up, not too sure if that’s because I’m not with my family or if it just because Egypt doesn’t really celebrate Christmas.

But no matter which way you look at it, the next couple of weeks is going to be a mix of emotions. The reason for this small post/journal entry is to say goodbye to a few good mates that I have met whilst out in Dahab, mostly for the one and only Ginger Chris.

Now Ginger Chris or also known as Chris McCormick, is a man that sicks out from the crowd, not because of his tall and stocky build, but his fiery and fierce red hair that makes him look like a small Lion.
So, I’m not one to brag… but at this current time I have something like 708 friends on facebook… and from all these people, I think 3 of these people have red hair, and of these 3, only 2 I really see as mates. So, it made me think. Why is it that I don’t have many true friends that have red hair…

1.       Is it because they are dying breed of people? Id like to think not, as I as once told that even the smallest trace of “Red Hair DNA or RDNA” means that there will always be in that family blood line.

2.       Is it because most people with Red Hair are just rude and arrogant?

3.       Or… is it that I am a Red Hair Racist! Know I know this debate has been raging for many of years, and it was finally cleared up on “Summer Heights High” that YES people with Red Hair is a race… because, quote “there are heaps of ‘em sir”

So after a long and hard chat with myself I came to the conclusion that I am Racist toward Rangers. Now I don’t see any reasoning behind this, until I had a dream the other night that took me back to when I was a kid…

It was a blustery cold autumn and I had just been shopping with my Mum, this day I must have behaved myself and mother, the lovely dear was nice enough to take me to McDonalds aka the golden arches. I remember stepping out of the car and seeing a clown greeting people at the entrance. I was excited as any young boy would have been, so I ran up to greet him, but when I got closer the clown looked evil… I burst into tears! And ran back to my mother!  This clown was Ronald McDonald! And what colour hair does Ronald have… that’s right RED!

This is the last memory I have of hating anything with Red Hair… and on second thoughts are there a few Villains with red hair, Mystique from X-Men, Poison Ivy from Batman, Carrot-Top and I think the only cool Superhero with red hair is Rogue from X-Men… Archie is definitely is not cool.

The Pure Sight Of That Man Disgusts Me!

So back to the main topic of discussion, the above scenario proves to you the reason of why I don’t have all that many Ginger Haired friends.

But, I have changed my outlook on the world after I met my friend Ginger Chris. Chris introduced me to a world of Ginger-ness. I realised how difficult the world is for him. For example people see his head as a bull sees a red flag in a bull fighting arena. But instead of getting a bull horn to the inner thigh, Chris has seen several fists aimed towards his hair but missing and going south, Chris often sees small green bottles aimed at his head and like every good matador manages to escape the fury of a Sakara beer aimed at his head, but sometimes he isn’t fast enough and like every good matador sometimes takes one to the face! But this rarely seems to deter him…

Chris In His Element...

It is only recently where he has taken one too many blows to the face and he officially announced his departure of Dahab, and his dreams are now to tackle the world of White!

So we will all wish this fine specimen a warm farewell and hope that he tackles his future endeavours in his stride.

Cheers Steve xx
Happy Birthday Mate!


THE BIG CAT, just looking over me as i cut my cake!