Friday, April 23, 2010

The Initiation!

1700 (local time)
I MADE IT! And its awesome!!!
I’ve been a bit slack with the bloggedity, so I should just clarify for everyone that isn’t involved with the social networking site called ‘facebook’ that I have infact made it to Dahab, Egypt. Lucky I wasn’t a few days late, otherwise I would still be waiting because of this massive ash cloud that has been circling the most of Europe!
At the moment, we have a whole ton of guests that are either stranded in Dahab or have been bussed of to Sharm El Sheik which is about 1.5 hours out from Dahab.
Not only did this happen in my first week working for Club Dahab, but there was also a Bomb Threat put out over the Sinai region which is Dahab and beyond. They have found solid evidence that terrorists are planning an attack on the Israelis that live in the Sinai, so when I had to do one of the excursions with the guests which involved myself and one of the Egyptians (Nasser) riding camels into the desert with guests there was a massive police presence throughout the whole trip!
Police presence isn’t everywhere though, its just quite subtle.
On the other hand, I have had quite a fun week, the boys have taken me out drinking most nights in the past week, and I know! Drinking is bad and I should only do it in moderation, but it was my first week of my first proper season EVER so give me a break!
The biggest night I had out of all of them was... SATURDAY NIGHT! CLUB DAHAB PARTY! Every Saturday night we host a themed party, and last week’s one was ‘Something starting with “T” with a hint of Egyptian. Well, I was very unprepared so as you do when your unprepared you end up wearing a dress and coming as an Transvestite! Pretty standard stuff, as the night went on though, I’m pretty sure I could have come as “tanked”. Anyway, after the Club Dahab video is shown, the boys got me up infront of all the guests, told me to put on a Snorkel and Goggle, where they then poured a pint of a concoction of mixed alcoholic drinks ranging from Rum, Vodka, Beer etc... Might I add, these are all Egyptian alcoholic drinks not the decent stuff we have at home...
I don’t really remember much of the night, which is expected... but the next day wasn’t too good!
I went out sailing, and mid Spock I tripped up a rail and ended up smashing off the nose of my board... AGAIN! BUT, before you get all up in my grill for wrecking another good board, I have already been to work with Akmed and managed to fix it all up, with the other boards so ill be good to go on Thursday (which is meant to be full power windy). SO COME GET SOME!
Anyway, ill be speaking about the boys that i’m working with in the next blog when I have some photo’s. So until then!
Take care guys!

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  1. This is the same blog as your first one - what's your story.

    Talk about being a muppet.......

    BTW are you trying to spell initiation or intoxication?