Thursday, June 03, 2010

Messy Masbat Night!

2137 (local time)
Alright, this is just an update on how everything is going this week! It was a Tuesday night, which means its Masbat Night, where we get all the guests together and head on into town. John Palmer and myself were the instructors on it this week. So we headed off into town. Ordered some food, rum and beer and we were set for the night! There was this girl that was in the beginner group who was ill be honest a bit cute... But the problem was, was that she was here with her father. So if was going to get ‘chatty’ with the girl I was going to have to ‘pull’ the father first.
So, like I said it was Masbat night! And everything was going well with the father, lots of chat going back and forth. Obviously more and more rum was downed and I think my chat got worse and worse. After eating the food, we kicked on into down and engaged in some pretty intense alcoholic fish bowls drinks. It came to about 1am in the morning, where it was definitely a good time to go home. So myself, the girl and her father jumped in the ute-taxi and we all headed back home.
As soon as I jumped into the taxi, I immediately felt ill... “aww mate, I feel pretty ill” I groaned to the guys. The father replied “just be sick...”  So I lent outside of the taxi, and waited for the storm, and there it came fish & calamari dinner, lots of alcoholic beverages etc... The funny thing was that, the father was also leaning out of the taxi taking photos of me, and because he was at the back he coped a mouthful of my dinner... Lovely! He thought it was hilarious! Lucky, because I thought that I had just blown my chances with this girl...
Anyway, that’s pretty much it for my story! Stay tuned for the next one!
By the way, that Sunday day, it was howling 40knots and I took out some speed gear and went 33.6 knots! FULL POWER! And a PB! It was a good week!
Till next time!

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  1. And did you get to chat to the girl on Wednesday without her dad or did he becaome your new best friend?