Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Aussie Is Down...

1843 (local time)

This blog kinda brings us into the new year! For the past month I have had a ball, being skiing most days, tried some snowboarding (ill get to that later) and just meeting a whole bunch of new people.

Right so shall I bring you up to speed! As of late I have been doing non-stop skiing, that is up until now! I have recently got an injury... That’s right the super human Steve Flack has gained an injury, how is this possible!

Well, it was a Sunday the 23rd of January, and after all day skiing with Tom Binns, on the final run home we decided to do a bit of choppy off-piste, that he had done before. Anyway, I sent myself down and didn’t turn correctly and stacked it... Well it felt as if one of my ski’s smacked me in the back of my leg, which it may have, but where it hurt my boot was covering the injury, which means that the only way I could have hurt myself was if my binding didn’t release early enough and I managed to put my leg at a super backward position which resulted in my pulling/ripping 2 maybe 3 muscles in my calf. Not ideal! So here I am now, with no shortage of ice on my calf trying to make it recover as quick as possible.

What sucks the most is that this week that I have hurt myself in, was one of the weeks where I could have skied almost every single day, because the resort manager isn’t here to tell us to work... Shattered!

No worries though, I consider myself lucky as I have been sending myself down some pretty steep runs and pulling out ok. I might as well add, that when I went off-piste in Grindy, I did end up in a river... but enough about that! It’s kind of embarrassing.

Right, so ill tell you a little bit about my snowboard experience. I got up nice and early to start my snowboarding experience! Got myself a board and some boots and went on the magic carpet... I only lasted 2, 20 second  runs on the magic carpet before I got extremely bored. So I headed up my first chair lift. Never had a lesson, and never been shown how to get on a chair lift with a snowboard on was a very interesting experience. But I managed and got down. At the top of the 2 man chair in Zurs, I sent myself down my first blue run. It was sketchy, but I got down. I went up the two man chair again, and went down the blue again.

Enough with that I thought, its time for a red run! In Switzerland and Austria the runs from easiest to hardest are in this order, Blue, Red, Black. The way they get harder is that the blue’s are quite wide, not very steep, and very well groomed. Red’s are a little steeper and narrower. Whilst blacks are generally very steep, narrow and not groomed all that often, so they can be quite a few moguls.
So I crossed the bridge and set myself up for my first red!

I was flying down the mountain until I got a bit twisted up, and tripped my heel edge and smashed my head so hard on the ice, goggles flew off and everything!

I shook myself down, and continued! After continuous wipe outs my body was in so much pain that I couldn’t even board down the mountain! Instead I had to walk down! Not good!

The next day, I couldn’t walk! Every part on my body was aching!
But I’m not going to give up, when my leg gets better, I’ll be set to be carving the shiz-nit out of the mountain!
So until next time my dear friends!


Steve xxx

Anyway, i have dropped in a few photos from Grindy so Enjoy they my lovely little lemon drops! next blog is in the making and hopefully more photos there too!!! xx

Sasha's Party (one of the Aussie Instructors)

Im just wearing the "Trevor the Traversing Mask"

Hanging out with the Yeti Kids in Grindy!


Sasha and Myself just keepin it real!

Sasha with the yetis!

Standard Steve Pose! Hows that mountain! Amazing ey!

Bloody freezing to death!

Tommy the 3rd Gear Pritchard in the mid-ground!

Thats right! IM IN THE ALPS!

A beautiful scene!

Im bloody lucky! what a view!

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