Friday, March 04, 2011

Holding Out For A Hero...!

2135 (local time)

Probably the two most busiest weeks of my life... and to think the whole reason to come overseas was to do relaxing work... well no, no, no! I stepped it up, Stephen Flack put his arse into gear and battled his way through constant debacles, issues and complaints to make it through to the end of the 2nd peak week!

Can I give you some examples of what has happened...

·         Parents: “My child isn’t being pushed hard enough in his group”
·         Me: “Ugh, this is his first time skiing in his life!”

·         Parents: “My child should be going up the button lift!”
·         Me: “Sorry What? (in my head ‘Your child is suffering from a disability that doesn’t allow him to walk?”)

·         Parent, after the winners of all the races: “Umm, Steve, I think my child should have won, because the kid that won didn’t go around one of the gates”
·         Me: “(In my head, F**k off!) Ah, don’t worry it’s all about having fun”

In conclusion, the parents need to chill out, and just relax, they are on holiday, yeah you paid a mother load for it, and expect the best service possible, but there is no need to drill your kids over it! Just take it easy!
It has been a somewhat interesting couple of weeks, it does feel good to be pushed to the limit! But ill be honest, with more responsibility it feels as if I have got dumber? Strange ey! Well work that out?

Anyway, we had a day off on Wednesday, and we were all mega excited as it had been snowing fairly heavily for the past 3 days, and then we were forecasted beautiful blue skies for our day off... so obviously we went to the pub for a few beers on Tuesday night, that meaning that Wednesday was a very tough day for the most of us! But we got up early to get the 6th or 7th lift, and got up the top! The first run we did was some sketchy off piste section off the top of Zurs that takes you into Zug... I almost lost a ski, and trashed the other one! So really the morning was a success, that was until we met up with Hugo! Hugo is a park skier from England that spends most of his life out in St. Anton, busting back flips and 1080’s! Pretty radical stuff!

Anyway, so he took us to the place, where we had to walk 15 minutes up this mountain in balls deep powder until we were right to go! We eventually got to the top, and Hugo sent himself off first! Then myself second, now with my injury I was already in pain, but was managing it quite well, because I had popped a couple of Ibuprofen, but as I dropped off this 10ft drop, I hit raw ice and nailed my sore leg once again... unfortunately this was the first bit of the run, so I had to battle my way over the tough off piste with only one working leg! I finally made it with tears in my eyes, and got to the bottom, where I went straight home and fell asleep for 2 hours!

At 8.00pm that night, myself Emma and Nat, headed over to St.Anton to watch the ski show over there with Hugo and some X Game gold medallists! It was amazing, unfortunately it was at night, so the photos weren’t great but check them for yourself!

We saw some sick/awesome tricks including a superman forward a back flip and numerous spins! Amazing really!

After that we made our way home to prepare ourselves for another fun filled day with the kids.
Friday swiftly moved on... it was time for RACE DAY! Throughout the week I had been preparing the greatest CD known to man! Featuring: Kenny Loggins, Fat Boy Slim, MGMT, Bonnie Tyler and many more, I knew we were in for a great day!

And I was right! With just under 50 kids to manage and over 25 parents to give solid great chat too I was peaking at, at least 80%, and they loved it!

When interviewing the kids about how they did, the word of the day was “Good” if it was about how they were feeling, or just generally how they went about the race... the standard answer was “Good”! Kids say the funniest things ey?

Whilst we are on RACE DAY! We also had it last week on the 18th! I had hired out some fully technical Grand Slalom skis, and with my pure skill, no fear attitude an all out being ‘awesome’ attitude came first out of all the ski guides, parents and kids... Cop that guys... only been skiing for a few months! But to be honest, I don’t think I would have won, if it wasn’t for Nat Bulmer wiping out and finishing the race with two skis in his hands, because he had crashed! Still, a win is a win!

Anyway, that brings me onto next week, we have only like 5 families coming out, and with only 3 kids I have to look after that are all going to be based out on the magic carpet, means that next week is going to be Mega Boring, but let’s look on the bright side, it means that it gives my leg some time to heal I suppose!
So that’s pretty much it for my rambling, I’ll leave it there and till next time lady and gentlemen!

Take care and bush thy hair!

Peace Steve!

G (W.M.D) Just sharing the lift with herself... massive loner!

About to cheat work, and send it on some fresh powder at 2.30pm!

Nat Sent it with me!

After a massive hike, we made it to this sick bit of off piste! 

How is that for a view!

Nat fell off a mountain...Weapon?!

Definite battler!

Hugo about to drop!

At the St.Anton ski show! Emma and Nat!

Emma and I freezing to death!

The A-Team!


Loves it!

Hanging out on one of the 100 Antony Gormley's!

Had to be done!!!

Just hanging out!

G and Nat getting Deep!

Just dressing him up! Standard stuff...

Just a different angle!

The Crew, I was freezing to death!!

G getting focused for the Speed Check!

Putting Turns In? on the speed check?

Standard boys picnic on top of the mountain!

The B-Team!

Clearly having a DNM!


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