Friday, November 11, 2011

A Small Anecdote!

A Small Anecdote written about Steve Flack, by Chris McCormick...

He's a record player player; an errant child; a deep thinking mild philanthropist; the disco balls shine bright through his eyes;

The jukebox is his friend; the dancefloor his mistress; he holds an RYA advanced plus instructor training certificate in shoe lace maintenance;

His heart rate never dips below 156; his ancestors spoke only in portuguese brail; some will never see him; even the deaf can hear him;

The bus can' swim the bus can' cross him; he chases sunrise with a butterfly net; he eats blue cheese using a spoon with no handle; snakes envy his rattle; he can count to 36 using only his thumbs;

A prodigy of criminal noise; you hear him coming through the spee-ee-kahs; he is playing tree bar tonight ... but he has not yet gone to uni. 

Tree Bar Presents.... STEVE FLACK

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