Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Club Dahab Team!!!

1610 (local time)
Another time, another story... But this isn’t so much a story, just about the fantastic guys I work with. As for me, I’ve been having an awesome time, even though the wind hasn’t been great for a couple of weeks, I have still managed to learn to wakeboard and land my first jump, go Ringo-ing (hanging onto a tube whilst you are pulled behind a boat at top speed), learn to flaka and almost land a forward loop on a 7.3 sail and a 102 slalom board!!!
So yeah, I still reckon this isn’t a job... Anyway, enough about me this is more about the team. On the beach we have 4 English Staff (including myself) and 3 Egyptian Staff... Ill firstly start off with the poms.
The Poms we have working for us are John Palmer (centre manager), John Yeomans and Sally Lambert. The great thing is that, all these guys are from different parts of Britain. John Palmer grew up in the north of England in a place called Leeds, Sally is from London and John Yeomans is from the Isle of Skye in Scotland.
Anyway, not only do we have the British working for us, but we have 3 Egyptian fellas that are here to pull us out of any Egyptian mess we manage to get ourselves into. The Egyptian boys are Nasser who is the Beach Legend, he’s worked here since it all began. Then the next member is Ahmed, I may as well mention Salo as well, seeing as they are always together! I swear to god (allah) these fellas are the cheekiest bloody Egyptians ever. They are always up to something, a good example of this is; Ahmed bought some orange juice for the two of them to share throughout the day, well Salo got into the fridge and drank the whole thing, and instead of just throwing it out he filled it with Egyptian tap water that is as good as sea water... So when Ahmed came in after a massive windsurf and wanted to drink some nice cold orange juice instead he got the taste of warm salty water! Ahmed wasn’t impressed!
Righteo, now ill chat about the English/Scottish guys and girls, Ill start with the Centre Manager John Palmer, John grew up in Leeds which is North England but unfortunately doesn’t have all that much of a Northern accent, with or without a strong accent none of the guys really understand what comes out of my mouth anyway... pretty standard as its the same back at home.
John has done a fair share of seasons, so he knows the ins and outs of how to run a centre, I get along quite well with Palmer as we share our days off on Thursday’s together, normally its quite windy (saying that right now has just jinxed it for months) so we get up kinda late, and then hit the water to do a bit of filming and have a bit of fun, after that we are completely knackered we come in a have a bit of lunch, head home play a bit of Mario Cart and then watch a couple of movies and relax. Sometimes Thursday nights we head out to the pub with the boys for ‘Lad Night’ normally finishes quite late, and I end up being quite tired the next day! What’s quite good is that we motivate each other... Especially when it comes to drinking. Lets just say that I have spent all of last night drinking and I’m feeling horrible the next day, Palmer will be there, to motivate me to get on the drink again! Even though we motivate one another, but we also do look after each other, but when looking after each other becomes too hard, like last night 24/7 where it was 3am, and I was going home I let Palmer know this but he insisted that he wanted to keep partying... That was the last time I saw him until I got to work in the morning and realised that Palmer spent the night sleeping in the office! Good form from the Centre Manager I reckon! Anyway, we shall move on!
Sally, the only female on the team, but she gets treated like a bloke(not by Yeomans though) anyway! Absolute legend, you generally know she is because of her marvellous machine gun laughter! Sally or Salamander as she often gets called, has worked here since the start of the season, but unfortunately had to head home during the middle of the season for about a month as she became quite sick and had to head back home to London to sort herself out! But she back! Full power! Last Saturday, for example whilst we were doing a bit of a song and dance routine, she ended up falling off the back of her chair whilst mid performance, absolutely hilarious for us and Sal, but as you can imagine, the crowd were stunned!
Then there is the almighty John Yeomans... John hails from Scotland he is normally found throwing big logs around, fixing boats, motor bikes, playing the guitar and windsurfing... and when he’s not doing that he is cuddling up to Sally and most probably patting her like a horse.
Anyway, that’s pretty much it too be fair! I hope you had an enjoyable read! No joke, this blog took me about 1 month to write, so be bloody grateful!
Thanks again!
Steve xx

The Team, John Y, Sally, Palmer

Me rocking out as Angus Young, Note: The Vest made out of wetsuit material
Germany in the World Cup!

Pre Drinks at the house, playing Ring of Fire!
Germany in the world cup! Palmer and EFPT Ollie!

Salo up to something, and me in the background watching :)
Jo, Steve and Salo!
Sally, doing something...
John Yeomans... Passed out in a club!
John Yeomans doing something Managerial!
Palmer is just doing his saftey checks... Clearly in the photo he is making sure that the corners of the board are safe!

John Yeomans doing the double handed folder lift!
The Team spots a rescue!
Palmer double checks...
He races to the boat!

He jumps in the boat and races to the rescue!
Everything is sorted! and the beach is restored!

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  1. Looks a great way to spend a day at the office - lap it up Stephen it will be a great memory!