Sunday, August 01, 2010

Steve-O's 22nd Birthday!

1350 (local time)
Wow, what a massive night... So its now 1.50pm and I reckon I have just finally recovered from my horrendous hangover... Why was this hangover worse than any others I hear you ask, well last night it was a party celebrating my birthday! That’s right, the gifted individual known to the world as Steve Flack has not only just aged another year but has also become more wiser not to mention more agile! I am now 22.
As some of you may already know, I have been not my usual self the past couple of weeks, I think due to being slightly home sick. But this past week has revived my spirits and if it wasn’t for my steaming hangover I would feel on top of the world right now! Anyway, the week started well, but I was only just counting down the days for Saturday.
It finally arrived, and I was pumped! The plan was set, going to a lovely Italian Restaurant called El Darados a lovely group of people were there, I think there was about 25 of us! Because if the big number of people the orders the kitchen got pumped and it took ages for the food to come out! Which means that we all had alot of time to drink booze with no food in our stomach, which only leads to one thing... Anyway, the food started coming out I had a marvellous meal, and then finished off an absolutely amazing tiramisu, that tasted like it came from the gates of heaven.
So at 9 o’clock a group of us headed back in the taxi back to the centre where the night began! It wasn’t long before I was getting beers poured down my throat and I was well on my way to not really remembering the night. John Palmer added a couple of nice features to the DVD for my birthday that I remember finding very amusing! I remember having to do my speech, and give away my prize to the most improved student in my group this week, and as normal rambled on for what probably was half an hour. After all the speeches were over, I was shown my next challenge! Downing 22 shots... Now, they weren’t all the same thing it was a random mixture that would have sent anyone home at 11pm with alcohol poisoning, but not for the birthday boy! He powered on through, he sent all of them, the shots were vodka, rum, beer, gin, sprite etc etc... There was a rumour that he did throw up ‘a little’ during his 22 shots, but this is only a rumour and was never confirmed.
The rest of the night was a bit of a blur, I don’t really remember all that much! But I’m in the midst of tracking down some photos which will show some clear hard evidence of what happened that night!
So until then! An older Steve Flack SIGNS OUT!

Lots of kisses and hugs!
 NOTE: Just quick one to add, i would just like to point out that Sam Ross (visit his website at came down to celebrate my birthday even though he had to muscle his way out of celebrating his 2 year annieversary with his lovely girlfriend Chloe. Thanks Guys!

A Camel came down to the centre to wish me a happy birthday, i was scared!

During the speechs for the groups!
The row of 22 shots the boys made me drink... as you can see from my facial expression, i was suffering!
I was on the last 5, but i needed some motivation. The boys were there to help!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! MY CAKE HAD ARRIVED! All i remember is it being quite nice!



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  1. Wow, that is a lot of shots!!!!! Good to hear it turned out to be a great birthday!!! We miss you back here! Xo