Sunday, December 19, 2010

Leeds! and Touring with Palmer!

1332 (local time)

The next update is written on a train to Belfast! I’ve had a very interesting week! It all started off me leaving London and heading up to Leeds to hang out with my mate from Dahab, John Palmer! On my arrival he had a house party planned for me at another friends of mine, Anna (Steve-O’s Chick) picked us up from Leeds bus station and took us to her student apartment for a house party! Obviously Palmer and I had to be prepared for it, so we picked up 15 bottles of beer aka A Case, and made our way to Anna’s.

Straight away Palmer and I got involved knocking back the beers! Eventually her friends started arriving, and we found out that the party was in fact a continued birthday party! No drama’s, beers were drunk and eventually the chat got very poor, so we picked up our jackets and thought it was a good idea to find the local bar or club where everyone was going, after about 30 minutes of walking, we stopped at a burger shop, got some food, and went back to Anna’s and crashed!

The next morning was very interesting, we stumbled down stairs and it looked as if a bomb had hit the place! There were smashed glasses everywhere, empty bottles scattered over the floor, and the stench of alcohol made you want to bring up yesterdays burgers! It wasn’t a pretty sight. Eventually we convinced Anna to drive us home, back to Palmers!

As soon as we got back, Palmer wacked on the stove and cook us some well deserved (and well needed) bacon and eggs! That sorted us right out!

We weren’t at Palmer’s for long until we were meeting John Newby. Newby worked out for Vass a few years back, but I met him when he came out on holiday with his girlfriend. Anyway, back to the story, so we got some stuff together and headed out to Newby’s, I knew straight away we were in for a messy couple of nights! I’m not going to get into intricate details, but I probably wont be going back their any time soon! J
Righteo, so after Newby’s, Palmer and I went back to his place to relax for a couple of days until we flew out to Dublin. I had a few things to do because I found out that I got a job out in Austria for a winter season, but ill get to that in a minute.

So Wednesday came along quite quickly, and the next thing I know, is that I’m on a flight to Dublin, to hang out with Palmer’s girlfriend. I wasn’t going to be able to tolerate being the 3rd wheel for more than two days, so on the Friday I had book a train up to Belfast to see a few old friends that I met out there last year. So that brings me to where I am now, stuck on a train to Belfast.

But... before I do, I might as well add, that Palmer and I didn’t just sit around and do nothing with our time in Dublin... No! We were tourists and we did touristy stuff... So we went to the Jameson’s distillery of Whisky, I ended up being a taster, and had to do several shots of different whisky’s so inevitability I was slightly tipsy when I left the distillery! Luckily it made it super warm, so Palmer and I decided to go to the Kilmainham Gaol, if you knew your trivia, you would know that I did visit this Gaol last year... and ill be honest, I think it should have stayed that way... it was way to cold and boring to do it, but we both had a fun time! Anyway I think its time I shall move on!

I’ll tell you a bit about job this winter. So most of you know, that I’ve never seen the snow before so a winter season would be the best way to see the snow and potentially earn some much needed pounds. So I went to an interview with a company called Powder Byrne on the 12th of November. I thought the role was for a drivers position, but I was much mistaken, it was for a ski guiding position, so when I was asked ‘where would you put his ski’s if a guest has a potentially broken leg’ I had no idea what to say! Anyway, I must have impressed them somehow as I was called back for another interview. So I obliged and went along. I had done a bit of study on job interview questions, and had memorised the company’s philosophy, I was set!
Ill cut a long story short and say to you, that I DID get a job out in Austria this coming winter season, and I’m a Kids Club Manager, more specifically I am the ‘Yeti Manager’ from ages 4 – 9 I’m not all that sure of my rolls at the moment, as I haven’t seen my job description yet, but from what I gather is that my roll ensures that the kids are safe, and are kept happy whilst their parents are having fun on the slopes. I’m super happy, as it will be my first opportunity to see the snow!

So now, my plans have changed, ill be flying out to Switzerland for a week’s training in Flims, and then out to Austria to a place called Zurs where I will be working from the 11th of December until the 20th of April!
I can’t wait!

I might add in here that I have to thank all the people that have let me crash at their house whilst I sort my life out!

A big thankyou goes to Lizzie and Lionel (once again) as they have almost been my personal assistants for collecting mail, sending it off, helping me out with contracts, the list never ends! So a big thanks goes out to them!

Another thankyou is to John, Margret and Patrick Palmer who let me stay at their beautiful old house, that was built in the 1900’s (I think). Thanks again mate! You’re a bloody legend!

Anyway, that almost wraps it up!
Looking forward to hitting Belfast only 1 and a bit hours to go!
Take care!
Steve xx

Check Out The Photos. 'they are a bit mixed, but enjoy'

The Kilmainham Gaol

Palmer, Ciara and Myself! At the bar in Jameson Distillery

Palmer, Ciara and me again!

Me and the Tour Guide... Legend

Newby, riding the stupid kids bike!

Sending some Whiskey

Me and Palmer at the Marrying spot!

Another classic joke from the Tour Guide!

Waiting at the Distillery 

Ciara, Palmer and Me at the Bus Station!

Some Horse Faced Woman!

The Crew!


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