Monday, January 03, 2011

Pro's and Con's of the Snow!


1800 (local time)

Welcome to the 12/12! And there is something particularly special about this date... As of this day I have finished my ‘official’ training and I am now in Zurs Austria, sorting out my room. We have moved into a lovely little apartment/flat thing that is located in Lech, which is about 15 minutes from Zurs. I’m fully set up, I’ve been allocated some sick speakers so I’ve been rocking out to some Fugees whilst watching Nitro Circus on 1 of our 3 TV’s Happy Days!

So for the past week, I have been doing my Yeti Manager training for my job at Powder Byrne. We have been situated out in Flims, Switzerland, for 7 days training everyday (almost). We did a team bonding exercise on a high ropes course.

But before we get all caught up with that, I better have a chat about Belfast! Wow, I’ve had great memories from Belfast, and this was just another one for the list. I hung out mostly with Becky, who was a girl I met last year whilst I was travelling around the U.K. We did a whole bunch of stuff, I wandered around the Christmas market in Belfast with her friends, it was fantastic. I experienced my first bit of (proper) snow, it was amazing! But bloody cold and slippery! Anyway, shall we move on!

The ropes course... right, so we partnered up and set off into our teams for the course and headed off!
My partner was my Resort Manager named Gemma or G as I call her, she’s a very bubbly person from South West London (near me) and Frankie who used to play for England when she was younger! I was looking for something a bit more adrenaline packed, but it was still good fun, and I got to know my Resort Manager a lot better!

So I’ll tell you a bit about the company. Powder Byrne is a VERY VERY VERY luxurious family holiday provider that only use 4 or 5 star hotels. Anyway, so my role is a Yeti Manager and a Driver. So a Yeti Manager means that ill be in charge of running 2-3 programs this winter. Yeti’s are kids aged 4 – 9 and ill be dealing mostly with them. The other program I am in charge of is, ‘snoZone’, which is for kids from 10 – 14, so even though im not dealing directly with them, ill still be in charge about what they do and how they get from A to B.

The funniest thing about this job is that I had never seen the snow until last week in Belfast, and now I’m bloody running the whole operation! Potentially a massive clanger on their part! But I reckon ill kill it!
Alright, Pro’s and Con’s about the snow!

Pro - Looks absolutely amazing!
Pro – Any bit of snow can be used as a projectile!
Pro – Unlike Dahab, beers are actually ice cold! And actually nice to drink... bloody Sakara’s.

NEG – It’s farking freezing!
NEG – Its so farking freezing, that my testacies went up inside my body... I think they touched my ribs.
NEG – My ‘outie’ turned into an ‘inie’

So clearly its 3 v 3. But honestly ill think ill stick it out! Looking out my bedroom window during the day looks exactly like a snow ball thing you get as a kid! Its definitely one of the better looking things in life! Probably better than looking out your window in an office job!
Anyway, probably should end it here, as I’ve been getting in trouble for writing too much (sorry for expressing my life Lizzie, GEEZE!)

So ill end it here!

Take care and stay classy guys!

Lots of love!
Steve ‘Yeti’

The Team just before the ropes course! aka Team Bonding

Oly De Monfort Appreciation Day! NICE QUIFF!

Accepting my Award? for loudest bloke!

Tom Surrounded By Beers!

Nice Few Ey! out in Flims!

Amazing snow capped trees!

Team Photo!

Dominating the Ropes Course!

Pro Team Photo!

My View outside my bedroom window in Zurs, Austria.

Nice view from the city of Lech, Austria.

G (RM) and Me, first timem on a a chair lift!

Hope you enjoyed the photos dudes! check it out next time!

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