Friday, September 16, 2011

The Race To The Finish! - Tel Aviv


Dahab, Egypt

1628 (local time)

Gday again guys, bit of a late update but I have been pretty busy with lots of windsurfing and also helping out a mate at the local bar here in Dahab.

Alright, so ill start where I left off. So I caught a bus from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, the bus ride went really well, it was only a 1 hour journey. I met an American girl on the bus, who then hung out with me for the rest of the afternoon. We visited the beautiful sights of Old Jaffa and the old port! It was quite nice with a lot of character!

So, Tel Aviv is a very liberal city and in all honesty, the only reason you would go there, is for Sun and Parties! So that’s what I intended to do! So after the epic walk to the old city, I went for a swim in the lovely Mediterranean Sea!

It was dinner time so I sorted myself out with a lovely shawarma, I was fortunate enough to met some guys in my hostel who were up for some drinks so we bought some beers and had an epic night in Tel Aviv!
Not going to lie though… Its not a cheap place to party!

The next day was a chill out day where me an Joe (a welsh bloke) played beach Tennis all day and just went for swims! Quite a chilled out day!

The next day I was doing a day trip to Nazareth… so I caught the bus out there… and pretty much as soon as I got there I wanted to leave! The city was pretty average! But it was fine, I was able to catch a bus to the Sea of Galilee, but unfortunately didn’t pack my boardies, and I desperately wanted to go for a swim, so… I did it Euro style in my Undies! What was cool, is that the Sea of Galilee is fresh water, so when I started swimming I almost drowned, because I just sunk to the bottom! So after I spent about an hour there, I started to EPIC journey back to Tel Aviv… Bit of a waste of a day, but I’m glad I went.

The aim was to get an early night as the next day I was heading back to Dahab. I was catching a bus from Tel Aviv bus station at 6.30am, so I set all my alarms to go off at 5.30am so I could have breakfast in the morning. All my alarms went off at 5.30am, but I turned them all off! Which means, that I woke up at 6.00am! I stuffed everything in my backpack and just ran out the door!!

Fortunately I made it to the bus station and endured the 7 hour and 2 bus’s journey from Tel Aviv to Eilat!
All in all, the my adventures in Israel was absolutely fantastic! I really enjoyed it, and it is defiantly one of my favorite countries ive been to.

Before I finish, a HUGE thanks goes out to Sandra and Chaym for putting up with me for 5 days! You were absolutely fantastic and looking forward to chat soon!
Take care guys!

PS: I have put up photos from my Time in Spain, as I now have a card reader! ENJOY! xx

The city of Tel Aviv

In Jaffa the Old City's Port

Just chilling out watching the locals pack up a market!

Epic Beach Tennis with Joe

The average beach i found in the Galilee Sea

Sea of Galilee

A cheap 'meat' market in Spain! Amazing food

Building in Madrid

this isnt in Madrid... This is for Sam Village's Bday!

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