Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Winds of Change - KOTWF Presents 2012!


1445 (local time)

Dahab – Egypt

Gday my lovely little lemon drops… A happy new year to everyone! 2012 was brought in with pure style, as I was spending it with the “Kings of the Wild Frontier” - KOTWF

Sam Village brought his mates out to Dahab to go absolutely full power for 10 straight days. Everything was accomplished during this time… Go Karting, Windsurfing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, DJ’ing, Dancing, (the boys climbed Mt Sinai) which I wanted no part of. The boys did a Good Job.

Richard (Bear Hit with a Shovel) Skinner and Jamie (Plummer) Plumer enjoyed 3 full on days of Diving!  Where they got their PADI open water diving certificate, in the mean time, Sam (Pussay) Village and Billy (Feather Duster) Ziller got some 1 on 1 Windsurf coaching by the most wanted man in Dahab.

The Go Karting was intense, we had an International fleet of racers, the Germans and the English dominated the track… unfortunately I was the only Australian, but I flew my country’s flag well, in true Mark Webber fashion I bumped most people off the track, if this wasn't happening i was spinning… I went out in style. The prepubescent child Niki Weitz won the race… Mostly due to his weight, or lack of, I think the official weigh up showed Niki weighing in the same weight as my right leg. But, “Good Job Mate”

New Years Eve was a pretty messy night, and the photos are there to prove it, with a bit of luck they won’t make it up on any of the new social networking sites, too be honest, it was a pretty boozy night, I crashed at the boys place in town… I think the final count was 5am ‘ish. Plumer bailed early head in hands looking as white as a ghost! Good Job Mate!

At this current stage, I’m back working for Club Dahab with Colin Dixon… Last week was awesome as everyday there was a little bit of wind to do my lessons but after that, we would all chill out on the beach, and either kick the footy around, or even play some of the most intense American Football ever… Even Tim Tebow would be proud ( who is not only a Church Goer but also a hot shot quarterback, like myself.

This week, we don’t have so many guests but all the fella’s are down here enjoying the sunny weather… 25 – 28 degrees! Happy Days!

2012 has a lot of promises, hopefully it will see the Mighty Hawthorn Hawks rise up to take the 2012 AFL Premiership. Maybe we will see the Australian Cricket Team replicate their performance with India, and smash the Poms for Six.

For me, I will be making my epic trip back to Melbourne, Australia. Mostly overland, finding my way through Europe, Eastern Europe cross into Russian catch a train through that via the Trans Siberian Railway, until I get kicked off in China, where ill train with the Shaolin Monks (naaaut). Maybe ill windsurf over to Japan for the weekend, or better yet hire a private jet.

And then, from their head south all through S.E Asia tasting some amazing food and meeting some cool people!

Eventually ill get down into Indonesia where with a bit of luck friends and family will meet me in Bali for one hell of a party.

So please, join me on this amazing adventure. Sign up to my blog by either becoming a follower or for an even easier way, put your email address in on the right and be there every step of the way.

Ma-salam-a-la-kum my dear friends.
God Speed!
Steve xx

Enjoy the photos of Christmas!!! 

My present to the Cone!

Col with all his PRESENTS!

Merry Christmas guys!

Marco, near our tree!

We went a bit crazy with the fake snow... Highly Poisonous.

Our chrissy tree!



Our christmas dinner!


Why the serious face?

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