Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The End of Dahab! The Beginning of the Mega Trip!


1815 (local time)

Dahab, Egypt.

The countdown has definitely begun for my time to leave Dahab. At the moment, I have been here since May/June 2011 and although I have had A LOT of fun. It is my time to leave.

Yes, ill be leaving here on May the 17th (not long now) where I will head back to London for a couple of weeks, then start my trip back to Australia… all overland.

What’s been happening I hear you ask?
Same old same old really! Lizzie and Luke went to Australia and whilst they were away Colin and myself worked for Club Dahab over the winter. It was good, not much wind but still loads of fun. Since there was no wind, I wish finishing work with loads of energy so I found myself going to the gym quite a bit which was good to use up all that energy I had accumulated from just sitting on a beach all day drinking plenty of water and protein shakes?...

Windsurfing – yeah its been fun, but at the moment I am completely over sailing on flat water. I’ve learnt loads of new tricks that I can’t wait to try them in the waves, but I’m sick of trying them on the flat. It will be good to sail some new locations.

The most exciting thing that has been happening so far has been the band. Percy Moonshine have been rocking out in Dahab! Just last Friday we did a gig at Club Dahab, we rocked pretty hard. We went on late so we had all had a few to drink, and typically the more alcohol consumed means that your performance gets worse, and this was exactly the fact for our Friday night. Myself and James (drummer) forgot how to play most of the songs… But that didn’t stop us, we rocked hard.

Our last gig was held again at the Acacia Hotel (Sam’s Bar – Guitarist) and even though it wasn’t a packed crowd it was a bunch of fun and its something I will miss the most.
If you did miss the gigs don’t worry, because we have a ton of photos and even some video that we took during the Dahab Festival. So stay tuned.

So currently I’m hanging out in London staying with Lizzie and Louise in their beautiful flat in SW London, again a massive thanks for the girls for letting me stay, eat, drink relax… practically treating their home as my home! And it wasn’t just this time, but for the last 2 years where I treated Lizzie’s house am my base! I’m sure when I leave she will still receive bank statements from me… at least she will remember me.
Although I’m having a great time in London, its bloody expensive! But if you start worrying about how much coin your spending it will just bum you out, so you just need to limit yourself.

Ok, so I’m in the midst of planning my trip and its getting exciting: Amsterdam, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria… just to name a few.

My number one problem I have right now is, Russian Visa! It take about 2 weeks to get, and I don’t know where I will be for 2 weeks for me to get it sorted! But there is no point about worrying about it now, lets get it sorted closer to when the time comes.

So last night (29/5) was my send off ‘do’, and myself and the Kings went massive on my last night we all got tickets and went to see old 2000’s hip hop heavy metal rockers, Limp Bizkit. If you have no idea who these guys are, please do yourself a favour and check them out, cue Rollin’.

It was chaos last night, I’ve never been to a gig where I have stepped outside with wrinkled fingers (like being in the water to long) Brixton Academy was hotter than the sun last night! It was Sweaty, It was Loud! But we rocked hard!

Right, signing off now… next up Amsterdam – With Arianne PWA superstar! CANT WAIT!

Much love! And ‘skin-up-ski’ to everyone!
Xx Steve

Slap of da Bass!!!


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