Saturday, July 28, 2012

Replacing the Streets with Water! - Venice!


2034 (local time)


Written in Lake Worthersee @ Nicole & Max’s beautiful flat!

I’m not gonna lie guys! It is great getting out of the city. Currently I’m sitting on a balcony in Worthersee, Austria looking at beautiful Austrian houses whilst looking into a very green backyard! Things are looking good for the Fig again!

So I left Venice yesterday, after being there for 3 nights! And, it wasn’t all that bad to be honest! The nice thing about Venice is that you can escape the hustle and bustle of the tourists and sneak down a little side ally, that may or may not lead to a dead end! But that’s the exciting thing about travelling… getting lost!

Yeah I did see the main tourist attraction of Venice, St Mark’s Square. It was nice, in fact I think it’s one of the biggest square in Europe?

Most of my time was spent getting lost though, and it was great! In Venice it was averaging in the low to mid 30’s. So getting in some shade was great. I presume that the streets are built so close together so that people can also escape the heat of the summer.

Anyway, I arrived at night on the 29th of June, and stayed for 3 nights in the cool out of the way camp site, I was living in a tent, waking up at 8am every morning because it was 28 degrees in my tent!

 My first proper day was spent exploring the city with a very young American tourist. Ah, it was ok, like I said I spent the day getting lost.

The next day I planned on doing absolutely nothing! I met a 30y.o American guy that lives in Texas named Sean, and we just chilled out all day in the pool and having ‘a holiday from my holiday’ and it was great! That night was going to be a big party because Italy was playing Spain in the European soccer ‘grand final’.
My money was on Spain to win it, and of course they did… they were thrashed Italy 4-0.

What was really nice, is that we got some beers at 6pm, and just started playing some cards and drinking together outside of my tent, with my little speaker listening to Creedance Clearwater, Pearl Jam and Sublime! Eventually more and more people started arriving, and by about 8pm there were at least 10 other travellers playing cards! It was fantastic! By the time the soccer came around, I didn’t really care, but was happy just meeting like minded people.

The next day was again, very relaxing. I had booked what I thought was a train to Austria, Lake Worthersee, but infact I found out 30 minutes before, that I instead had booked a BUS! A quick dash from the train station to the bus station was needed for me to make it! Luckily I did, and 6 hours later I arrived in Worthersee, Austria to meet Nancy!

And that will bring me to my next post… the kid from the suburbs goes hiking!!!

Adios Amigos’

The Canals in Venice!

Not cars... boats!

Beautiful reflection of the bridge!

I just loved the vines tracing their way up the building!

The main canal!

At the St Marks Square!

St Marks Square!

All the many boats!


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