Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Restless in Rome!


1845 (local time)


Still on that train to Venice!

Rome, well I don’t know what to say. Honestly, I did not like it. Far too many tourists for my liking it was unbelievable! Everywhere I went I was bumping shoulders with tourists. Australians that I can’t stand, are in Rome! Dumb American tourists are in Rome, it’s the go to place for them.

Fortunately for me I met a really cool Canadian guy that is doing a bit of a Euro trip, he shares the same values as me… getting off that beaten track.

Anyway, so Tyler and myself hit all these ‘tourist’ attractions together but making sure we had fun doing it.
We had a pretend knife fight in the Colosseum, we pretended to be the pope in the Vatican city. We did our best to enjoy a pretty uncomfortable situation.

I think Rome as a city is beautiful… it’s a bit over the top with all the buildings (and fountains) but at the end of the day, they are pretty stunning! And if it wasn’t for all the people around, it would be good.


It definitely wasn’t the best place I have ever visited. - maybe because I set such high expectations...

Tyler and myself had good times at night, we found some local bands, I did my first ever pub crawl, but it was still lacking for me.

Anyway, enjoy the photos, and let me know what you think.

Maybe Venice will be different…

Take care all my lovely battle axe warriors!

Steve The Enforcer Flack signs out once again!

First Stop - Colosseum 


in the background, is the Roman Forum!

Pretending to be the 'decider' of who lives and dies..


Typical Knife Fight!

We convinced this Indian shop owner to wear his helmet and sword! I spoke about the cricket!

THIS IS SPARTAAAA... wait, is it?

I think this is at the Tomb of the unknown soldier?! 

Potentially one of the most beautiful buildings!

Trevi Fountain


More Tourists at the Trevi Fountain!

The Pantheon 

Inside the Pantheon 

Spanish Steps!

In the Vatican City - SO HOT!

Inside the Cathedral!

Outside the Cathedral!

The Pope?

The Popes!

At the Vatican Museum 

Average Photo of Average Dudes - 'how did this get in here'

Good Roof!

Great Roof!

Pope's Back!

Pope is definitely back


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