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Kosice - Spis Castle, Air Soft & Beer Festivals


1159 (localtime)

Kosice, Slovakia

Written on a train, waiting it to set off to Poprad and eventually to Zdiar, listening to the Doors.

What a weird and wonderful time I had in Kosice. Like I said from my last post I really had no idea what Kosice was about, and after being there for 5 days I still really don’t. The city of Kosice is quite small, only 1 main street that runs past lovely coffee shops with water fountains parks and churches in the middle of the street. (see the photos)
Main street of Kosice!

1 of many cathedrals! 

beautiful fountains!

The main street!

From the top of the cathedral. 

top of the cathedral! 

Kosice for me represents hanging out with awesome Slovakian guys drinking Slovakian beers and ‘admiring’ the beautiful Slovakian woman. Most nights we ended up at kooky little bars enjoying beers or even on 2 occasions at a Slovakian Beer festival about 30 minutes outside of the city by car.

The beer festivals for me were the favourite! Very Cheap Beers at only 1Euro a piece, with some really great Slovakian live music, which I often found myself rocking out! (see the photos)

At the beer festival with Mathis! 

the drummer........


this little dude was... ROCKING........OUT

Jaro, Me and Mathis

Whilst in Kosice, I went wakeboarding on a cable park. It didn’t last all that long because a thunderstorm rolled in and the stopped the cable, but at least I can say I wake boarded in Slovakia.

After my wake board... i ended up at the END!

In my last post I stated that I wanted to visit the Spis Castle, which is a day trip by bus from Kosice. I left relativity early and made my way to the castle. The bus dropped me off, and I started my hike up to the castle. I didn’t realise there was an easy hiking path to the castle because the sign that stated it was blocked by another bus waiting so I didn’t see it. Not to worry, I got the pistons pumping and made it up. As I was trekking up I was thinking to myself, ‘how did people attack this castle in the 15th century, I’m finding it tough and I’ve got legitimate hiking shoes and a light bag’ Upmost respect for those dudes in the 15 century.
I finally made it to the castle paid my 3.50 euro entry fee and walked around the castle for over 2 hour. I went through the museum and even saw the torture chamber and all the different devices that used to torture the guys back in the day.

I took some lovely photos and ate some lunch in the lower part of the castle. It was great letting my imagination run wild as I walked through the castle. Imagining the castle being attacked and watching the archers shoot over the walls!

It was a great experience seeing castles again. As the past castle’s I really enjoyed were in the middle east! But still, I have to admit that the Spis Castle still doesn’t compare to Saladin’s castle in Syria.
The next big adventure was on Saturday. Jaho was going to take me to play Air Soft. For those who don’t know what Air Soft is, it’s a game that is played in an old abandoned house with forest surrounding it, 40 odd guys arrive in full-on camouflage gear with fit with M-4’s and AK47’s often wearing microphones linked up to their helmets! Super techy stuff. Anyway, instead of these guns shooting real bullets instead they shoot little plastic balls, also know as BB’s.

When we arrived I had no idea what I was getting myself into! But when the games started I got really into it! I was taking down Slovakian guys left right and centre.
The problem was it was situated in the forest, which means there were mosquito’s EVERWHERE! I hate mosquito’s and these ones were so brutal that they would bite you through your t-shirt! To add to the adventure, there were stinging nettles!

For anyone that read my blog in 2009, I had a bad experience with stinging nettles in Cork, Ireland! I was the itchiest guy by the end of the day, as the rest of the guys had proper pants with proper boots with proper long sleeved tops! I was just running around in a t-shirt!

The last game we played was a capture and hold type of game! Where we were split into 2 teams, and we had to capture a base and hold it off until the other team took us over!

I brought a new aspect to this, the Slovakians were walking slowly to the base! Instead I ran, captured the base and held it for over 5 minutes whilst all my team mates were being shot! I was like Rambo! In Rambo: First Blood! “he drew first blood sir”

That night we went to the beer festival again, where I got chatty to one of the singers from the band! It was cool talking about our different music, we just saw each other on the train and we are going to catch up in her city for a coffee this week! Should be great!

Anyway, I’m off to Zdiar now I’m not sure what’s there, hopefully some great hiking! Ill keep you posted guys!

Much love!
Xx Steve

Spis Castle!

The walls of the castle

the different yards of the castle!

so beautiful!

the outer parts of the castle!

Looking up at the inner part of the castle!


Ok these are the start of the photos of AIR SOFT!

all the slovak's kitted to the max for AIR SOFT!

Thats me hiding in the trees! HOW LEGIT do i look!

i feel slightly under dressed!

'i'm out, i'm out, STOP shooting'

Me and a fellow team mate raiding a building!


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