Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Warsaw! The Big City!


2116 (local time)

Warsaw, Poland

Written in my dorm bunk bed listening to Sean Williams – Warsaw, Poland

Well Warsaw wasn’t all that bad to be honest with you… I liked the city. Its big, and there are loads of sky scrapers but it was ok. My first night was spent wandering around the city as per normal, I was fortunate enough to hear the loudest power chord as I walked past a building, and I realised there was a band getting setup to play. When I walked past they were only doing sound check. I asked the drummer what time they were on, in his broken English he said 9.30 then he corrected himself to say 8.30! Perfect, I’ll see you there.
So I was down there by 9pm, to realised I had walked into a Polish Metal Gig! ROCK ON SKI.

I listened until their set finished, it wasn’t my type of music, but its always nice to hear some local guys doing what they love!
It was an early night and I was asleep by 11. And early wake up the morning saw me out on the city walking around. I bumped into a girl from Adelaide that loved taking photos, so I walked with her for a bit. We got to a random street and bumped into this very strange but interesting 53 year old Australian guy who has been living in Poland with his wife for 7 years.

I didn’t have anything to do, and it looked like he wanted someone to talk to and I was happy to listen, so I hung out with him for the rest of the afternoon. We talked about Music and Politics and Religion most of the day – and even though I’m not all that knowledgeable about those topics (except Music) I was still able to keep up… Either I’m getting smarter, or am just a master bullshit artist.

Steve (the guys name) took me to the Jewish quarter of Warsaw, and even showed me where the Ghetto used to lie where the Jewish Prisoners used to live during WW2.

Poland is a beautiful but that place has had an absolutely horrible past… Most of Eastern European has…
Anyway, after our walked we said our goodbyes and I headed back to the hostel to chill out for a while, I got some stuff for dinner and breakfast and lunch for the next day, as I was having to get up at some STUPID time to catch a bus to Vilnius, Lithuania… the bus is leaving at 6.05am… meaning I have to get up at about 4am so I can get ready and walked to the bus station to catch the bus… LOVE TOO!

Anyway, ill end it there! Take care! Chat next time! Xx

one of the parks in Warsaw!

the Euros and their fountains!

Local junk food shop! - dinner!

one of the main chuches in Warsaw!

the main street in Warsaw!

a man and his balloons!

this is where there was a railway station, that took the War Prisoners to one of the many concentration camps! 

A beautiful tower, taken at like 5am!

its where the tourist info is... potentially a uni?


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