Monday, December 03, 2012

Grand Final Day - Hawks v Swans

29th of September – Grand Final Day. Hawks v Swans.

As I write this now, I already know the result… I wasn’t impressed. But, on the bright side it was a great match to watch, Hawks should have won but we couldn’t convert on the scoreboard but 2013 is another year and I’ll be back in Melbourne to cheer them on.

Today Taylor arrived. Taylor is a young Aussie kid from Sydney that Agustin met whilst hiking in Nepal, he was going to join us on our epic bike journey around Vietnam.

After the grand final it was our mission to find 3 bikes to buy. I had ridden and done maintenance to bikes when I spent my time in Egypt (cheers Dixon and Yeomans).

So I knew what I was looking for in regards to bikes. By the end of the day, we had 2 Manual Honda Wing 100cc bikes for myself and Agustin (Spanish dude) and 1 Semi-Auto for Taylor (Aussie dude).

We got the bikes for $275AUD each, which was pretty good, but as soon as we got them I convinced the guys to buy a full faced helmet for $20AUD… which hopefully we wont need.

I love my bike, it needs a bit of work done to it but I don’t think its such a big deal. I have blacked out the entire bike, and I plan to spray paint white skulls on it to pimp it out! Photos soon.

After we had all the bikes sorted we headed back to our hotel and prepared ourselves for a big day of riding the next day.


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