Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ho Chi Minh City or Formally known as Saigon!!

1922 (localtime)

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Written in: Some town near Vinh Thanh, Vietnam. Listening to Black Sabbath.

Wow, another huge day of riding, unfortunately we didn’t get to where we needed to be because it got to dark, but we made it to a hotel and we are all trying to dry our clothes for a big day of riding tomorrow.
I arrived into Ho Chi Minh on the 27th of September at about 12pm local time, which is the best time to arrive, the city is in full swing!

I had organised my visa before hand, but I still had to pay my $US25, I collected my bag and then headed outside to catch the local bus.

I woke the driver up and hassled for a price 8,000dong which is just under 50cents. I was going to love this country. I met this Spanish guy called Agustin on the bus who had the same plan as I did! We were going to buy a motorbike and drive through Vietnam.

That day we just cruised around the lovely city and had some AMAZING FOOD! And the great thing was, that it only cost about $2AUD! PERFECT!

That night we settled at a local bar type place, and enjoyed several beers at the price of 50cents… pretty dangerous I reckon… but tomorrow we were planning on checking out the Remnants of War Museum!!
Cant wait.

Till next time

28th of September -  
We left our lovely hotel to go and check out the Vietnam War Museum but on the way we watched an indoor soccer match sponsored by Tiger beer which was great fun to watch.

After the indoor soccer we visited the Cho Ben Thanh Market where I bumped into to Peter ‘Spider’ Everett, professional AFL Ruckman who played for Hawks! I was star struck!

We finally arrived to the War Remnants Museum and as you can imagine it is all about the Vietnam War. Like always I had a small understanding of what happened in the Vietnam war against the Communists and the Democrats or South Vietnam Vs North Vietnam or more realistic, America vs Vietnam, but I didn’t realise how gruesome it was.

The museum was fantastic, lots of different relics and what now, but some of the rooms and exhibits I had to walk out because it was way to gory for my liking.

It was a horror show, but a real eye opener, now I’m watching an American 6 Part Documentary on the Vietnam to get a different perspective on what happened… Obviously I have to filter out the American bullshit, but it’s still very interesting.

We left the museum and grabbed some more AMAZING food and headed back to the hotel but on the way we were looking for some bikes to buy.

We looked a few, and it seemed like the average price was $300AUD.

Not much else happened that day, more great food and a few cheeky beers and we took ourselves off to bed.


Ahh i miss some good ol Saigon Beer! Really tasty banter legend juice!

One of the many small ally ways in Saigon!

the crazy indoor soccer game!

a government building in Saigon!

Outside the War museum!

Not the best photo, but we have Tyler on the Left and Argu my Spanish Com-padre! on the right!

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