Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Most Retarded Week Ever...

1246 (local time)
Well I’ve had a pretty average week, but to be fair most of it is just plain and simple my own fault, shall I start it off with Monday...
Actually not really too sure why I started this story off with Monday because, Monday was just any normal day... APART FROM, corrupting my 500gb hard drive and losing all my data. Everything from photo’s to movies were lost, pretty upsetting, but the importing stuff was backed up so it wasn’t too horrendous. I think the best idea to start off with Tuesday because that’s where the real action happened. So Tuesday started off with my doing my intermediate lesson in the morning, everything was going swell, until out of no where, one of the guys from my group full power catapulted onto my back! I had no idea what happened, I was ready to give the person that did it a blasting, but when I realised it was a guy from my group, I had to play it all down “alright guys, that’s why we need to spread out” My shoulder was alright just a bit of bruising.
Anyway, after the day had finished, I went to kick start John Palmers motorbike and as I did I had a fatal blow out. The actual plug stayed attached to my thong but the rest just ripped off, I wasn’t impressed. But, due to my handy craft work, I have been able to repair them using other thongs that I found in the house! Happy Days!
Wednesday ticked over and apart from a sore shoulder I was alright, I was super happy as it was finally windy again (it hasn’t been windy for at least 4-5 days). So once again I took my group out in the morning, and did a video session, once that I was over I was demonstrating carve gybes until I catapulted at the exit at one, and aimed straight for the mast. On impact I remember seeing stars, but my left ear felt as if water was rushing in, so I instantly checked to see if I had blown it by attempting to equalize it, as I did I just blew air out of it. When I opened my eyes it felt as if I had been on the beers all day, I felt completely drunk, everything was spinning and I felt sick. I wanted to sail back to my group to let them know what happened, but I was unable to get onto my board, so I just gripped onto my board and waited for a boat to come and rescue me.
I was brought to sure, and sent straight to the Ear doctor that was just up the road to get checked out, my fears were correct and I had in fact had a small puncture in my ear drum at about 6 and 7 o’clock. So this means no water sports for the next two weeks... Great!
Thursday went on, and it was my day off, it was fine but trying to understand people was extremely difficult as I can’t hear out of my left hand side, this is manageable in a small group of people, but in a group I have no idea what anyone is saying.
Friday came along and I was taking all my meds and starting to feel decent, until I decided to jump off the watch tower bare feet for a movie scene! It didn’t really go to plan, because when I landed, I only then realised that the sand was as hard as concrete and I have now badly bruised my feet and it makes it bloody difficult to walk... I’m such an idiot!
Anyway, Saturday now, and im talking it very easy with ice packs on my feet! Lucky there is no wind for the boys!
Hopefully will be better by Sunday! So till then!
Take care and all the best to the guys that are competing in EL Tur and the PWA!
Cheers Steve

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