Saturday, August 07, 2010

My Winter Season Cover Letter!

Right, before you read the following, i have been applying for Ski jobs, and this is one of the letters i sent to TUI about applying for a Ski Repping Job! Check it out, What Do Ya Think?

As I was browsing the new winter season ski offers, I have always been interested in becoming a ski rep, and seeing one being advertised on the TUI website brought my dreams to reality. After reading about what it entails to become a Ski Rep, I realised that this is the job for me. In the first paragraph it asks for someone with ‘bags’ of energy, if you rang any of my previous bosses they would tell you that I fit this category, I have been know as the young and more attractive Steve Irwin.
Because of my previous jobs in retail, I have become somewhat of a master, I have been so efficient in retail that I have been able to sell snow to the Eskimo’s or oil to the Saudi Arabians.
With my current job as a Club Vass windsurf instructor, I am always required to speak in front of large groups of people, in fact on party night we are required to say a few words and hand out a prize at the end of the week, and often after my ramblings I normally have the guests in tears (of pain, rather than laughter). Also, I might add that in Year 7 I won my grades public speaking competition in which to this day I’m still impressed about.
Travelling and living away from home is my middle name, no in fact its Richard, but I do believe the best way to learn skills and to meet new people, is to do it whilst overseas.
I am very interested in this position, and hopefully you will be interested in meeting me after this letter. Looking forward to hearing back from you soon.
Thanks Steve.

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  1. What are you on about?? Have you re-read what you have written?

    I'm glad you are not really serious but good luck just in case.