Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Getting Very Wet In Tunnels!


Jerusalem, Israel

1016 (local time)

I’m currently writing this on the  26th of August, my final day in Jerusalem. I have had such an amazing time here!

If you have been following my stories, I have been getting up at (kinda early) and then leaving the house by 9.30am only to return by about 5.00pm absolutely exhausted! The thing is that is different to any other city I have been to, is that I have been wanting to explore the city. Normally when you get to a new city exploring the city for 2 days is normally the limit (obviously there are exceptions) but after that it just starts getting the same. But Jerusalem, totally amazed me every single day! If I was going to Bethlehem and Hebron, or if it was just walking around the old city in Jerusalem it was an experience I will never forget.

Anyway, yesterday the 26th, I left Sandra’s humble apartment at 10am and headed off to The City of David to explore Hezekiah's Tunnels, Hezekiah’s tunnel was use to bring water in the city, so when I explored the Tunnels started off with being knee deep in water and then subsiding to just over ankle deep. Not great considering I had my Salomon hiking shoes on. When I finished they were literally full of water!
It took a few hours for them to finally dry out.

After some homemade lunch (Thanks Sandra) I wandered back to the Western Wall so I could explore the Western Wall Tunnels which is located under the Old City. Amazing stuff, especially looking at the biggest stone weighing in at something like 570 tonnes. Simply massive, and you have to wonder how they got it down there!

After exploring the Tunnels I headed back to the apartment and just relaxed as tomorrow (today the 26th) I was heading to Tel Aviv!
Woop Woop!

Anyway, take care!


Steve x

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