Sunday, August 19, 2012

Photography and Partying In Prague!,


1637 (localtime)

Prague, Czech Republic

Vienna, Austria

Written on a bus from Vienna to Bratislava - listening to Deep Purple \m/

Hello all those young and reckless fans out there! What a very busy weeks I have had! My last post was on the 23rd of July, and now it’s the 29th. In that small amount of time, the Figjam has completed more than the average man could have done… in their lifetime.

Let me start off with Prague! Before I even arrived I was pre-warned about Prague’s nightlife, and coming from there I have to agree with everyone. Prague is definitely more of a night time city. I’m not going to bore you with all the standard ‘going out and getting drunk’ stories.  But I have to admit, things are different in Prague. I’m not sure if it is because of what they put in the water (or the beer) but as soon as the sun sets – people party.

On my arrival to the hostel, I was forced into a drinking game with a whole bunch of guys from other countries around the world – it was great, when I realised it was a kid’s 21st birthday! I planned to make sure it is memorable! I’m a nice guy, its what I do, and this we certainly did.

The next day however I dragged myself out of bed, as I was joining Scott who was the Aussie guy I met on the bus for one of those free walking tours. I’m normally not really one for these tours, don’t get me wrong, it was interesting – but I much prefer walking the streets on my own taking everything in myself. After the tour finished, Scott and myself tried to look for a nice viewing point to watch a sunset, unfortunately it didn’t work out, but we did walk through some lovely parks.

On the way back down from our lovely walk through the parks, I headed ‘left’ off down to the Castle of Prague! By this time I was knackered from walking all day. But it was nice to just sit and look at the castle as the sun was going down, Remember Rule #2 Enjoy the little things. J

On my return back to the hostel, I cooked some food and sat down on my laptop and watched a movie whilst I ate my dinner.

After a while, I got chatty to a group of guys from all over the world: New Zealand, Canada and Australia. The funny thing is that, the guys from Australia are from Parkdale, the place where I’m from! Crazy ey! It really goes to show that the world is just a village!

Drinks were drunk, and shots were had up until the time where everyone decided to go out. I wasn’t going to say no to my last night out in Prague, so I joined.
Lovely clock tower!

Prague was nice... just so many people everywhere!

Prague Castle!

The End!

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