Sunday, August 12, 2012

Spending my 24th in Salzburg!


1318 (local time)

Salzburg, Austria

Written on a train (with wifi) from Salzburg to Vienna

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am now the ripe young age of 24. It was my birthday yesterday and it was the most surreal thing ever. Let me tell you my story.

So my reason for visiting Salzburg… well I’m not actually sure! I think somebody recommended it too me, it was a cheap train ticket so what the hell! I booked it!

I had organised a couch-surfing place to stay in Salzburg, and the plan was only to stay there for a few days. Well that few days turned into 4 and it was awesome.

So, I sent Mia a request on couchsurfing and she came through! I met her at the train station and she showed me around the city of Salzburg! It’s a pretty city, we saw Mozart’s house and a beautiful castle.

The funny thing about Mozart’s house is that its right next to the supermarket ‘I can see why he lived there’ (insert laugh).

So after we checked out the city Mia drove me up to some high mountain where we watched a huge storm roll in! It was amazing feeling the power in the sky! Check out the photos!

Mia then introduced me to Lisa, whose house I was going to be staying at for my time in Salzburg.
The next day was a slow one, very chilled out!

The 17th rolled on in, and I wanted to get out of the house to go for a mountain bike. So I borrowed one of Mia and Lisa’s friend’s bike and started my very uphill bike ride!

After about 1.5 hours of riding and hiking I finally made it to the top! I was a sweating mess but the view was beautiful. I met an English Couple from Liverpool that took some photos of me, we then went down to the small bar/café on the top of the mountain where I enjoyed a Apple-strudel. I deserved it.

I then trekked down the mountain, jumped on my bike and enjoyed the quick down-hill back to the main road where I met Lisa and Kat to take me back home!

So the day was the 17th, night was almost upon us! At 12.00am, I was turning 24. We went back to Lisa’s got changed and started consuming!

Stroh 80 was my drink of choice!

The night involved drinks, dancing and great music! At about 12.30am Mia and Lisa showed me a present… its cheesy but funny all the same. They bought a lock with our names engraved on it, with this lock you are to put into onto a bridge and throw the keys in the river.

We all did this, with a busker from eastern Europe playing (very badly) Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin.

It was amazing.

When we eventually got home, Mia brought out my cake! A beautifully decorated cake with lots of pretty butterflies on it! I then tried to blow out the candles.

When someone has had a few drinks, trying to blow out candles is similar to riding a skateboard over  cobble stones… Possible, but very, very hard.

It really was a great night! Thanks again!

The day of my birthday was spent chilling down at the lake with the girls. Then for the evening I was going to cook these Euros a BBQ! We got the sausages, bread, I even made some Potato Chips! It was an awesome evening spent listening to great music with great company! I loved it!

Next up Vienna! Thanks again girls for a great few days we spent together!

Mia took this photo, with the castle behind me!

on my birthday! With the lock in my mouth, loved it!

A nice photo on top of the mountain watching the clouds

A glass of wine in Lisa's house

My lock on the fence, Im so content!

Relaxing in the sun on my birthday!

Beautiful Cake!

Me and Mia!

Lisa and Mia!

A dude i met on my birthday! GREAT EYEBROW!

The beautiful view of Salzburg!

The storm coming in!

Some angry clouds...

Look how black they are!... so i like clouds

Hanging out with the girls! in some place near the waterfall!

A lovely sunset in Lisa's backyard!

The view i was looking at when i was hiking!

The lovely lake!

By the time i had mountain biked as far as i could, then hiked the mountain, i was a sweaty mess!

Sydney is like 13,500km away!

Just some cows!

Frame It!

On my birthday! Chilling out near the lake!

Cooking a bbq on my birthday!

Lisa and I enjoying a glass of wine!


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