Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Vienna & Podersdorf!


1757 (localtime)

Vienna, Austria

Written on a bus from Vienna to Prague

I was honestly a little sceptical about Vienna, being a city and all! But it hasn’t disappointed at all. On my first night I was planning on meeting Alex Syess, who is a windsurfer that I met in Austria. Unfortunately Alex was off to Mauritius in 2 days so he had to get ready and packed so I didn’t get to see all that much of him! But what we did manage to do was go out of drinks with his mates at a local place! It was awesome, drinking wine-spritizers all night! Went straight to my head!

For the next day (Saturday) I was going to catch up with Flo at a Red Bull beach hockey event on the river Danub. I met Flo down in Worthersee when I competed in the Gravity Games, so when he found out that I was in Vienna he invited me to this event.

It was absolutely mental, I play hockey in Australia but the Austrians are crazy! There are absolutely no rules at all. No Mouth Guards, No Pads, No Shoes, No Rules… sounds like a great mix!

That night, I had a few beers with Flo, and then crashed on his floor for the night! Perfect!

The next day I was planning on catching up with Mitch, (another windsurfer that I met in Dahab) so we could head to a Big Water Ramp Event! It was amazing, these kids were sending them selves down on sleds and doing double backflips! It was carnage!
After the big ramp, they organised a Slackline battle! It was amusing! After all the events we headed back to one of Mitch’s mates, Rusty and had an amazing BBQ! I loved it! All the guys and girls are awesome, super friendly and always wanting to speak English!

The next day was a Sunday, and rumour has it that there was wind forecasted on Podersdorf Lake. The home of the Austrian PWA event! I was super psyched to check it out and go windsurfing for the first time in 3 months! I knew that id be rusty but I was really excited.
I was fortunate enough to borrow Tom’s custom freestyle board that he built himself. So rigged up his kit and went sailing.

I didn’t do so bad considering! Throwing down flakas and forwards on kit that I had never used before, it wasn’t that bad!

But after 2.5 hours I was knackered! My hands were so red and sore, and my muscles were aching from all the crashes! But it was definitely worth it. Eventually Tom arrived down to the beach, so I gave his kit back and let him go for a sail. In the mean time, I taught Tom’s girlfriend Eva how to beach start and water-start! It was great to do a bit of teaching again, and she really appreciated it.

That night we again, went back to Rusty’s house and cooked some hamburgers on the Weber and for desert had chocolate banana’s that Tom cooked up! It was a great bit of feed!

My plan was for the next day (Monday 23rd) to head to Prague first thing in the morning, so I got up super early from Mitch’s house and headed down to the bus station, only to be told that there were no more seats!
I was kinda bummed out, as the next available bus wasn’t until 6pm! But not to worry, I headed into Vienna city, and had a hour sleep in the park, and then just cruised around the city the whole day. It was really nice checking out all the beautiful buildings that Vienna has to offer. I even went to a museum. Honestly it wasn’t that bad, it was the Natural History Museum and I found it really interesting. Lots of stuff on Dinosaurs and Evolution it was pretty awesome.

Eventually the time ticked on by, and 6pm started to creep up, so I jumped on the metro and headed on to the bus station to catch my bus to Prague! Funnily enough, I have met another Aussie guy on the bus, so we are hanging out telling stories, its pretty sweet!

Next Stop PRAHA!

Peace guys!
Figjam OUT!

The lovely chapel!

and all of a sudden a massive thunderstorm hits! SO MUCH RAIN!

The Rathaus!

a beautiful sky, wonky horizon!

This is the red bull beach hockey tournament 

one of the many parks! I had a nap here in the sun, it was perfect!

I think... this is the Art Museum, the Natural History Museum look exactly the same!

Everyone likes a good dino!

Podersdorf, Austria

Mitch throwin down a flaka!

Cana-Brava Style!

Eva almost planing!



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