Monday, November 26, 2012

A Stopover in Kuala Lumpur...


2239 (local time)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Written in: a very comfy hotel room in My Tho, Vietnam, listening to Golden Touch by Razorlight (mix by Lisa)

Phew what a big day of riding the War Child, or even the Usain Bolt is a pretty fitting name for my beautiful motorbike, but this entry isn’t about that. It’s all about my time in Kuala Lumpur.

So I arrived into Kuala Lumpur from Osaka, Japan and to be honest I didn’t get the best vibes for the place. Sometimes you just walk into a city and I dunno what it is, but you just don’t feel the love.

The flight brought me into KL at about 11:30pm, and I was a fair way out of the city, so I caught a bus to KL Sentral which is a main train and bus station, from there I had to catch a taxi to my hostel.
By the time I got to my hostel it was 1am and I was wrecked!

I woke up at 9am on the 25th of September, with an alright sleep in to realise that there were bed bugs crawling over my stuff! I was furious, I’ve already had to deal with these parasites before. I went down to the reception instantly and told them what I thought.

I got my money back and left the hostel. But it looks like all the hostels in KL have bed bugs, as now I have bites all down my left arm. But, they are clearing up now.

So I spent my first day with this English guy who has lived in Melbourne for 9 months. He was a pretty ‘wet’ fellow. He was mid 30’s but had no idea what was going on, which was disturbing thinking that he was going to be travelling through Central Asia… Who Knows!

So we visited Petronas Twin Towers, we asked about going up to the observatory deck but it was going to cost $20AUD, so I refused. As I knew of a ‘Sky Bar’ that you could go up for free. Perfect!

I used the following analogy to convince the English dude:

“Dude, would you rather see the Palace from the Cave, or see the Cave from the Palace?”
We went up to the Sky Bar and took some nice photos.

From here, on my to-do list was to go to check out the Thean Hou Buddhist Temple. After about an hour of walking, we eventually found it. It was beautiful, lots of Dragon statues and lots of colour! What cool as well, was that it was perched at the top of a small hill where you can over look the city. I sat and watched the city for about 30 minutes just enjoying the view. From here I did a bit of exploring of the temple.

It was on the way of getting dark and we were getting hungry. So we headed back to china town! No trains for us, just walking!

By the time, we got back to our hostel, we were both hungry and parched, fortunately we met up with another English dude, and we all headed off to get some food together.

After we got food we checked out the Petronas Twin Towers at night time! It was a great view! Really nice!
On the way back to the hostel we grabbed a couple of beers and headed up to the roof of the hostel and watched the thunderstorms all around us, it was a great way to end a day.

We had a late start on the 26th, the plan was to catch a bus out to the Batu caves! By 1pm we were there. The Batu caves are just a series of caves, its free to enter and nice to walk through… but not much else!
We took our photos and then headed back to China Town, where the hostel was. It was a quiet night that night, which for me was fine, as I was getting up pretty early so I could catch my flight to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Thanks Malaysia, it was nice!


The city of KL

Petronas Twin Towers

Petronas Towers


A temple in Kuala Lumpur!

The markets in China Town

Water features just outside the Petronas Towers

Petronas Towers at night

The steps up to the Batu Caves!

Big Budda

Chicken at the top of the Batu caves

Inside the Batu Caves

Monkeys... everywhere!

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