Monday, November 19, 2012

Hiking Miyajima & Karaoke!

22nd September Miyajima, Japan

It was a slow start to our Saturday, but don’t judge me – it’s a Saturday! Today myself and Erin (my couchsurfing host) are catching a train and a ferry to Miyajima. Miyajima is an island just off the coast of Hiroshima. It is mostly known to tourists by the giant Torii Gate that stands in the water just off the coast of Miyajima, it looks as if it is floating. Its very beautiful, but unfortunately very touristy.

The main reason for visiting Miyajima was to climb the small mountain compared to Mt. Fuji that is. Mount Misen sits 500mtrs above sea levels and even though it was a pretty hazy day, you still got pretty nice views of the surrounding areas.

Erin was my ‘tour leader’ and she sent us up the most back country single trail route, it was great to get off the tourist track, it was a pretty small hike but very enjoyable but also very very sweaty, I was lucky that I had so much water!

On the hike up to the very top, we met a Czech dude, who we had some great laughs with. Once we got to the top we took some photos, and then took the steps down.

If you don’t know already I hate down hills, unless they are on a bike. But when it regards to hiking, I friggin hate them… and like always this was no exception, and I made sure that Erin knew how much I hated them. I’m pretty sure she got sick of my constant complaining.

But we eventually got to the bottom and took some photos of the beautiful Torri Gate. We then dodge tourists and Erin bought me a interesting but very tasty Japanese treat. It was a bizarre arrangement, I will try to explain it, but its going to be hard… So it was a type of batter that is deep fried, but inside the batter you could chose 3 different flavours. The flavours were: Cheese, Black Bean Sauce (I think) and chocolate.

I opted for Cheese and Black Bean Sauce, and they were nice… but not as good as Japanese Ice Cream.
After all of this excitement, we jumped back on the ferry and headed back to Erin’s flat in Hiroshima. I was so tired, so I pretty much passed out on the train home. Erin had to wake me up!

We grab some ingredients as we were going to attempt to cook (I forgot the name…). Neither of us have cooked it before but we were going to freestyle it and see what happens. Well, it didn’t turn out exactly as planned but it was still ok… it was food at least. I promise I will try and be able to cook it like a pro… one day. Still don’t know what the food was called, but there was egg in it! YOU JUST WAIT!

We wolfed down the food, and had to head out… as tonight was the night to PAR-TAY. We went to a local bar, that was charging stupid prices, so I went to the local 7/11 bought a beer and drank outside with a few guys, from here we were going to do some Karaoke! I COULD NOT WAIT!

I had met an Australian guy who was a part of the group of friends we were hanging with, and we were equally as excited about throwing down some ABSOLUTE CLASSICS!

So we organised a deal, that was 2 hours of ‘All-You-Can-Drink’ which is very dangerous… Karaoke and Drinking!

It’s such a surreal arrangement. You have this big black table in the middle of the room, with sofa’s running up the two side and back walls. There are 2 small touch screen tablet computers in the room where you can choose your songs.

On one of the side walls, there are a couple of tambourines that you can bang along to the tunes with. I got involved.

What was my first choice… have a guess?
Yep… Queen… spot on!

Song… well obviously BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY!

And I sang it with my heart and my soul! I’m pretty sure people cried!
My memories are a bit hazy about the night, but plenty of songs came on, lots of classics, lots of new stuff! All in all it was an amazing night!

We got home at… I dunno what time, but when we got home I fell asleep pretty quickly.
The next day was a nightmare, as I had to sit on several trains for 6+ hours until I made it back to Osaka, so I could catch my flight for the next day.
I got back to Osaka for dinner, and Jack and my self went out for some Beef Bowl, this was my last dinner in Japan.
The next day, we got up early for a run, and the main aim of the day was for me to get to the airport.
It was a sad day, because I knew I would miss Japan so much, but it had to be. I had my last meal, which was 6 plates of some of the most delicious Sushi I’ve ever had, and took my very full self off to the airport to catch my flight to Kuala Lumpur.

So, to everyone that helped me out in Japan I would like to thank you. I had an amazing experience and I will never forget it!
Thanks again guys!
Next up S.E Asia! BRING IT ON!

The amazing view from the hike up!

Beautiful but bloody hot!

Erin in the foreground! This was the station the people can get a lift to!

At the summit! 529mtrs high! - its no Fuji!

Deer are everywhere!

The Torii Gate!

Just stunning!

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