Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bremen - Hamburg with LISA!


1937 (local time)

Berlin, Germany

-Writing about Bremen :)

What you have just read is German. Yup, ive been in Germany for like 1 week, and I already feel like I’m fluent!

Right, so I am writing this in my Hostel in Berlin, I’m fairly bored. The hostel im staying at is lovely, super clean but as far as the  ‘fun’ factor goes… its lacking. But that doesn’t bother me all that much, I’ve had some great fun in the last week, so it was going to be hard to keep the epic run going.

So let’s bring it back about till about the 2nd. I eventually stumbled into Bremen.  After a stupid amount of hours on buses and trains I got there.

I was greeted by Lisa, who I met out in Dahab doing her PADI Open Advanced Course. Since I was coming to Germany for my travels Lisa said she would show me around her city. So of course I took her up on her offer, but the first thing she wanted to do on my arrival was to consume some beers and then hit the town. I wasn’t complaining! I met a tonne of her mates, who are a bit strange, not in a bad way, just ....strange :)

The next day was a bit slow, as we both had sore heads, but we dragged ourselves into town had a glass of wine and watch a lovely cover band in the city centre of Bremen, it was a pity that the weather wasn’t great but just the atmosphere of a nice glass of wine and some live music made it a fantastic evening to a hard first day!

Lisa promised me that we were going to head over to Hamburg, so we caught a train that took us directly to Hamburg! It was great, apart from Lisa having absolutely no orientation skills we had a great time just wandering around the city. 
We eventually made our way to St. Michaelis Chuch in Hamburg! I was 100% against it, but Lisa insisted we climb ‘walk’ to the top. I don’t know how many steps it was… but it was enough to definitely get the legs burning. The photos we got from the top are pretty awesome!

Unfortunately that was my last day with Lisa as she had to start her studies for her Lawyer exams, and I had to keep cookin’.

Lisa showed me this great website where you can basically hitch-hike to anywhere around Europe. You type in where you are, and where you want to go… and BAM! Sometimes up to 20 people pop up on your screen telling you how many places are available, their name and sometimes even what car they are driving.

You can save so much money do this its epic! I’ve saved a fortune (and now I sound like a car salesman)

Trip to Berlin – Munich via Train =                             99Euros.

Trip to Berlin – Munich via Car Pooling =                30 Euros.

I asked very nicely for Lisa to call up a guy called Max that was driving a (new) BMW M5 to take me from Bremen to Berlin…

After a bit of hassle we had it sorted… and that brings us too the next story – Berlin!


Enjoy the photos! NEXT UP! BERLIN!

A beautiful windfarm on the way to Bremen!

Awesome live act from Bremen!

Town hall (Rathaus) in Bremen 

The view of the top of the tower!

Classic Flack!

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