Thursday, June 28, 2012

Step Up To The Plate Berlin!


Right, so we cruised down the Autobahn at first just at a measly 140km/h in Max’s BMW M5… for the guys that don’t know what an Autobahn is, it’s a basically a big highway/motorway where there really isn’t a speed limit. Anyway, so at 140 things were going quickly, but after some peer pressure we forced Max up to 240km/h! Jesus, now that was fast. We were going past cars like they weren’t moving! It was unbelievable!

I have never been that fast in my life! It was defiantly a rush!

Eventually we made it to Berlin, and we paid our money to Max and we set on our way. It took me a while to figure out the metro here in Berlin. It is quite tricky, but I managed!

Once I found my hostel , I chilled out for about an hour. Got Bored, grabbed my skateboard and headed to the Berlin Wall or East Wall. Took some nice photos!

Once I explored the entire wall, I kept walking for a couple of minutes and came across this cool reggae camp. On entrance there was like a bunch of dudes playing 3 v 3 basketball, then there was this nice looking mini half pipe!

The music was chilled, the people were fine. I just session’d this ramp for 2 hours just practicing! And it payed off, I landed my first rock-to-fakie! Which I was stoked about! I then managed a Axel Stall to Rock-to-fakie! Once I did that, I had a beer and then went back to my hostel and chilled out!
As tomorrow was going to be a lot of walking!...

I set my alarm for 8:30am but didn’t leave until 12. I slept in, and then just minced around and organised my trip to Munich!
In my trip around Berlin, I visited…

·         Brandenburg Gate
·         Reichstag
·         Walked down the Unter den Linden, and checked out all the different German Car Dealerships.
·         Visited the tallest building in Germany the Berliner Fernsehturm aka the TV Tower.
·         The Museum Square.

I have to say this even though Berlin is a very beautiful city with apparently a great Nightlife, I didn’t really connect with it. I’m sure you all know what that feeling is like. For me it just felt like another city, it’s kinda sucks when you feel like this, because I have heard so many great stories about the place… Maybe it just wasn’t for me… Till next time ey!

Along the Berlin Wall, these little cars were everywhere, kinda cool i thought!

Going for a skate at the Berlin wall!

Loving the Art in this photo! So many patterns!



Branderburg Tor

Pretty beautiful, but so much construction going on!

Bugatti Veyron

This was a building in the Museum square

Hope you enjoyed the photos! NEXT UP MUNICH!

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