Friday, October 05, 2012

Helsinki, Finland. 4.50EUR for a Coffee... tell 'em they're dreaming...


1518 (localtime)

Helsinki, Finland

Written in: A very, very boring Moscow Airport, with dodgy internet and text messages that come out in win dings – listening to Santana!

Right, so my time in Helsinki was very, very short! But id didn’t mind all that much! I have come from an amazing time in Estonia with Margus and Teele, so my plan for Helsinki was wander around the city take everything in and prepare myself for JAPAN! – man I’m so excited!

So, I was couch surfing in Helsinki with a dude from Pakistan who, to be honest was a bit weird – but hey, that’s what couch surfing is all about, you take the good with the bad.

Anyway, the first thing that struck me about Helsinki was how extremely expensive it is! For example, to get a train ticket, boom 4.50 euros each way. You want an espresso to go, yep, that will be 2.50 euro, maybe we will just settle for a cappuccino, 5euros there big fella!

So with this in mind, I never really got to taste true Finnish food! But this didn’t concern me all that much, as I was more excited about experiencing Finnish culture and attitude.

So, the Finnish people are really friendly, well that’s my experience anyway! I don’t know what experiences you have had, but I have had a great one! For example, I was on the train, and a girl started speaking to me regarding my train ticket, anyway – I told her that I was staying at a Couchsurfers house. She said, ‘if there is a problem take my number and give me a call’.

How cool is that!! (I know what you are all thinking, and no she wasn’t implying ‘THAT’)
Anyway, so I cruised around the city, took photos of the churches, but got pretty bored so I took a ferry to a small island called Suomenlinna.

Suomenlinna used to be an old fort used ages ago, like back in the 17th century! It’s a really cool place to wander around, it’s a pretty small island but there are the old cannon’s that were used back in the day!
I spent about 1.5 – 2 hours there just cruising around, until I decided I should head back to the mainland to get some stuff prepared for my trip.

I bought biscuits, apples, carrots and some pastries and with that arsenal thought would hopefully make it through the next 24 hours in Moscow Airport without having to spend a cent – because its crazy expensive!
For example, I enquired about spending the night in Business Lounge… it was $50… for 3 hours! I laughed and walked out!

Anyway, I’ll put and end to it there!

Later, Ill tell you a bit about my time in Moscow Airport!


Russian Church, photo taken at about 9am!

The main church in Helsinki... not all that nice inside though!

Different views, different angles... i was bored!

Ahh, the lakes of Suomenlinna

Here we are, in Suomenlinna!

the cannons they used to fight off the enemy!

Beautiful walking in Suomenlinna

The Main Gate!

They have Seagulls... or big sparrows?


Good bye Suomenlinna!

Thanks again guys! Next up the exciting adventures of..........................MOSCOW AIRPORT!

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