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Tokyo - Day 3 Checking Out Cosplay Girls

8th September – Day 3 Checking out more of Shibuya then headed to Harajuku to see some Cosplay girls and visit some parks!

So the next day again, got up pretty early but still feeling the effects of jet lag which sucks big time. But in all fairness it’s a pretty big difference to fly from Helsinki to Tokyo the time difference is 5 hours! So as you can imagine its 12pm in Tokyo I wouldn't even be getting up back in Europe, but never mind, I manage.

So day 3 I spent cruising around Shibuya doing some people watching and taking photos of the surroundings. From Shibuya I caught the metro Harajuku, I swear to god, the metro in Tokyo is the most confusing metro I have ever come across, and its not just because its mostly in Japanese, but on first arrival to Tokyo it makes zero sense.

Let me give you an example. So in any other country in Europe or Australia for an example, if platform 1 travels north, then platform 2 travel’s south… Agreed?

Not in Japan, Japan has a very bizarre way of doing it, in Tokyo if Platform 1 travels north, then platform 2 also travels north, but stops at every second station or if not that then travels in a completely different direction eg: East?!

Its very weird and frustrating but after a while you just manage.

So I caught a train to Harajuku to do some more people watching and cruise around, in this area is where a lot of the Cosplay girls hang out. What is cosplay? From what I understand of it, is mostly girls dress up in costumes of maybe their favourite cartoon character or even a character of a computer game and just hang out together on a bridge just chatting and hanging out. These girls love getting their photo taken, and even though it’s weird at first to ask them, they do lots of poses and it can be quite fun. I still felt a little bit weird taking photos of them though.

The reason they do it? Well, I have read and come to the conclusion that these girls (and sometimes guys) dress up to escape their normal life, maybe they are having trouble at home or being bullied at school, for them its just an escape from reality, and if they enjoy doing it… well who cares! Good on them. I have only a few photos of the Cosplay girls, so enjoy.

Once I admired the girls on the bridge I went exploring through Meiji Jingu park. Inside this park there is a beautiful shrine and temple that you can check out for free, which I did. I also think there was a Japanese celebration going on, potentially a wedding, so I took some photos. Check them out!

After all of this, I headed back home to start my planning on Climbing Mt Fuji. It was a nice day just chilling out!

When I got back, Brad and I went out for some food and drinks, it was a nice night just pretty chilled out.
TL;DR – Headed to Shibuya, saw some cosplay girls!

Shibuya Square

Billboards and people everywhere

see the bus on the bottom right... these are everywhere playing music for advertising.


Now we are at Harajuku!

Meiji Jingu park!

...potential wedding?

Women in there Komodo's



Storm's a brewin...
Thanks guys...
next blog Yogi Park!

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