Sunday, October 07, 2012

The Thrilling Tale of... Steve In Moscow Airport!


Moscow, Airport

Written in: Moscow Airport – still listening to Santana to drown out the annoying Russian TV!

So I stayed in Moscow Airport last night, and in 2 words “Pretty Average”.

I slept on a floor, using my jacket as a pillow and the blanket I stole from my Helsinki to Moscow flight to keep me warm!

The floor was hard, and the lights were SO VERY bright, that I thought I could get a sun tan. The funny thing was that if I felt the urge of falling asleep I would be woken by “ding DING, DING, Can Ivan Pishchalnikov please come to the desk as he has lost his boarding pass”

GAHH! So you can imagine I had a pretty sleepless night!

Anyway, so I cruised around the terminal a bit, but most of the day has been spent watching shows on my computer and organise Japan stuff!!

Oh, and might I add. Tainted Love by Soft Cell was a great song in the 80’s but, it should never be played in a airport… anyway not long now!

Only like 4 more hours until I board the flight!! IM SO EXCTIED!

See you on the other side!
Much love!

Steve x

Moscow at night... didnt see it...

My spacious accommodation in Moscow (airport) 

My view of Moscow...

The wildlife i saw in Moscow (thats a pigeon in the airport... how did it get there?)

do you like my 'window' seat!...

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