Friday, October 26, 2012

Tokyo - Day 9 Riding around Tokyo - Sony Building

14th September Day 9 – Riding around Tokyo, checking out the Sony Building in Ginza and visiting the shopping streets in Ueno.

Friday was another early wake up as Locky as he had to go to school so I woke up early as well to leave his flat with him. Today my plan was to do some more bike riding around Tokyo! Its so much fun riding around in Tokyo, you get to see so much of the city, and because its so flat its quite an easy ride as you can push yourself as much or as little as you want.

My legs are still aching from Mt. Fuji so its nice to jump on a bike to ride away the pain and soreness. So I had already tried to visit the Sony Building once before but it was closed, so this was my second attempt, it was pretty easy to find as I have this new app for my phone that downloads offline maps to your phone and then uses the GPS built into the phone to track your location! It’s actually really handy!

So I eventually found the Sony Building that was a fair ride from Locky’s place maybe an hour away. But like I said before it’s nice riding around Tokyo.

I locked my bike up with the thinnest bike lock I had ever seen, just praying that my bike wouldn’t get nicked as I spend time checking out all the gadgets in the Sony Building.

I explored the many floors of the Sony building, everything from the gaming section to the music section to the TV’s and cameras. I touched, used and tried everything! It was so much fun, I could have spent (if I had the money) hundreds of thousands of dollars on EVERYTHING.

A couple of the big highlights for me, were trying on the headphones. So my first pair I tried on were over $200AUD which were some really nice Sony over the ear headphones and I listened to my own music. I found the bassiest track I could find a rocked out! Whilst I was rocking out (on my own) I looked over to my left and realised that there was an even more expensive pair, with an amplifier that you plug your iPhone into to increase the sound quality.

I finished the song I was listening to and tried the new setup. Ok, so the headphones themselves cost 49,800YEN ($612AUD) and then the small iPhone Amplifier is 39,800YEN ($489AUD) so the whole setup cost $1.101AUD, and it sounded awesome! I just wish I could have bought them and taken them home to listen! It was great!

After I had my head blown off by some of the most amazing audiophile equipment I have ever tried I headed up to the Camera equipment and took some photos of the little model train sets that they have located near the Camera kit. It was fun! But again I couldn’t afford any of it.

Next up was the TV and Entertainment centre. I was just walking around this building with a huge smile on my face and shaking my head in just astonishment, I got chatting with on the Japanese girls that work there and I explained to her how great this was. She pointed me upstairs to the next room that featured the latest in 3D entertainment, the Sony Headset/Goggles!

I waited in line for 15 minutes playing with the cool Sony Phones and Tablets until I was called into this room, where there were 4 stations and a really comfy leather chair next to each station. On each station there was a Sony Headset and a pair of the $612AUD headphones!

So you sit down in this chair and a Japanese girl explains to you in Japanese how to adjust the headset to fit your head, clearly myself and the other American guy in the room had no idea what was happening. We managed with a little bit of help from the ladies, put the headphone on and watched the trailer for the new Spiderman in 3D! I’ve seen the movie, but in 3D it looked AMAZING!

I came out of that room once again just giggling in excitement thinking that one day, this will be normal!
At the moment, I think the Headset was a bit to bulky and heavy, and that after 30 minutes of watching you will get a sore neck… but this is only the beginning!
After the amazing 3D experience, I went up another set of stairs and watched This Is It, the Michael Jackson movie on a huge TV with great speakers.
Once I had had enough and go to depressed to continue I went to the toilet and got my bum washed and dried using the special toilets and then headed back outside to find my bike in exactly the same place I’d left it.

I jumped back on my Pink bike a travelled to  to just check out another small suburb in Tokyo. There was lots going on, people everywhere, lots of markets it was really great. I was looking for some special Japanese 2 toe’d shoes called Tobi, I found a pair but they were 3,000Yen and I was sure I could find some cheaper.

Anyway, it was getting late, so I road my bike back to Shinjuku to meet Locky and his Japanese girlfriend so we could head back to their flat together.

It was a great evening, Locky and his Girlfriend cooked some great Okanamiyaki which filled me up and let me pass out with food sleeps! Perfect.

TL;DR – Checked out all the gadgets in the Sony Building, and had some amazing food!

The Imperial Palace in Tokyo, it was closed so i couldnt go in, instead i took this photo!

One of the many Japanese Parks!

Who would of thought there was a Hooters in Tokyo, Ginza!

The fully pimped out Amp + Headphone setup!

This little guy was awesome... its a WATCH!!!!

The shopping street in Ueno!

So much activity!
Stay Tuned! They are coming quick and fast!


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