Monday, October 15, 2012

Tokyo - Day 4 Yogi Park

9th September Day – 4 Hanging out with Brad going to Yogi Park and then walked to Shibuya.

Day 4 rolled around really quickly, it was already a Sunday and the thoughts of climbing Mt Fuji were playing on my mind a little bit. I was over thinking it too much, I was almost talking my self out of it, due to the fact that the mountain was closed, and it can be quite dangerous if something goes wrong. But never mind. Sunday came along and it was a slow start to the morning Brad and I were planning on heading to Yogi park to check out some more Cosplay girls and even see some Rockabilly dudes dancing around...

So off we headed, it was a short walk from Harajuku station maybe only 5 minutes until we made it to Yogi park, it was a pretty warm and humid day and everybody was out either playing African drums and dancing around or throwing a baseball around, it was a really cool atmosphere going on. On the walk to Yogi park we heard some music from over the road where there are normally festivals going on, so Brad and I went over the bridge to check it out. It was an Indian festival! Cool!

We walked around the Indian festival for a while smelling and checking out all the nice smelling foods, what was funny, was that there was a cricket demonstration set up for the Japanese to play… I was so eager to get involved but it was only for kids so I had to hold myself back.

We bought some food and then headed on back to Yogi park to chill out there a bit longer. Once we had had enough time in Yogi park we left, but just as we were leaving we saw all the Rockabilly guys and girls dancing around to some groovy music! It was so cool, I really wanted to get involved but again, I think if I did it would have caused trouble… so again, I held myself back. But I took some photos so check them out!

From Yogi park, we walked for about 30 minutes until we got to Shibuya, Brad and I did some people watching and then he took me to the dodgy part of Shibuya. I was expecting the Yakuza or something, but it was so safe (standard). Yeah, there were a few love hotels dotted around and the odd strip club but nothing like you would get in Melbourne or Sydney.

From Shibuya we headed on back to Koenji back to Brad’s house to sleep for the night.

TL;DR: Went to Yogi park to check out the rockabilly guys, then headed to Shibuya!

Yogi Park! on a nice sunny sunday!

The rock-a-billy guys struttin their stuff!

one of the many streets in Shibuya!
Next up the beautiful sunsets of Yokohama!!! 

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